Test your entrepreneurial mettle in Potionomics, a magical shop sim where you face off against bargain-hungry customers by deploying sales tactics as cards from a deck. As the young witch, Sylvia, you’ll learn to balance the delicate art of potion brewing with the nuances of salesmanship to keep your late uncle’s business running. On fantastical Rafta, customers have discerning tastes, and the economy is always changing. Stay one step ahead with new recipes, negotiation tactics, and elite ingredients to elevate your potions to new heights. With a dash of magic, you’ll brew up an adventure unlike any before!

Release Date

Masterwork Edition: Fall 2024 | Standard Edition (Windows PC): October 17, 2022


Nintendo Switch
Windows PC
Xbox Series X|S


Management Sim, Role-playing, Deck-building



Crude Humor
Drug Reference
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol

Key Features

Wheel and Deal

Negotiations can be tense when every coin counts, but you’ll manage Sylvia’s stress with ease by playing your cards right. Develop friendships with adventurers and other shopkeepers on Rafta to learn even more advanced negotiation tactics.

Recipe for Success

Choose the best ingredients to make even basic potions extraordinary, perfecting the taste and aroma to please your pickiest customers. But beware—if you aren’t careful, you’ll get some pretty gross results!

Fantastic Friends and Foes

Rafta, home to some of the world’s most potent magic, is packed with big RPG personalities, each seeking a leg up in their adventures. Befriend and recruit them to help you level up your own potion game, but don’t expect everyone to be friendly…

Your Shop, Your Rules

Make your shop really pop with customizable decor. Style points aren’t the only perk; decorating your shop just right can improve your prices, reduce potion brewing time, and more!

Select Edition:

Potionomics: Masterwork Edition – Limited Box Set

The award-winning magical shop sim is coming to console platforms with a bevy of brand-new features. For the first time, Potionomics: Masterwork Edition will test the entrepreneurial mettle of would-be witches on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, adding voiceover, Endless Mode, Cozy and Capitalism difficulty levels, and additional languages.

The Limited Box Set includes a 120pg+ softcover artbook, a 2-disc soundtrack, and a pack of 12 character cards, all packaged together with the game in a custom box.


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Potionomics: Masterwork Edition is coming to consoles this fall. The version of Potionomics currently available on Steam is the original Standard Edition.

You’ve inherited your uncle’s potion shop—and a huge debt. Better get brewing! Customize your store, hire heroes to gather ingredients, befriend (or romance) fellow vendors to learn new haggling strategies, and go head-to-head with competitors in this narrative-driven, deck-building shop simulator.


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