Marvelous and Hiro Mashima, creator of Fairy Tail, Edens Zero, Rave Master, and Dead Rock, team up to present a brand-new adventure full of frantic monster combat and rewarding farming simulation. After the death of Felicidad’s ruler, the despotic overlord Glaza seizes power and imposes an oppressive regime on the world’s inhabitants. As Ten and his fellow Farmagia friends, command an army of monsters as you explore and battle across the treacherous lands of the Underworld, collecting resources to take back to your farm. There you’ll upgrade your skills as a Farmagia, growing more monsters to nurture, and developing their new traits to aid your battle against Glaza and the Oración Seis.


With his signature style, Hiro Mashima brings forth memorable character designs and unique monsters to make Farmagia the ultimate monster-farming and action game!

Release Date

November 1, 2024


Nintendo Switch
Windows PC


Monster-Farming, Action



Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes
Mild Language

Key Features

Command Your Monster Horde in Battle

Fight your way through the dangerous lands of Felicidad, culminating in huge boss battles. Your weapons are the monsters you grow on your farm. Command your creature army and take down your foes!

An Iconic Manga Artist’s Touch

Hiro Mashima’s creative genius brings life to Felicidad with unique character and monster designs, endowing Farmagia with his unmistakable style.

Monster Farming & Ranching

Increase the size of your army by harvesting new monsters on your farm, then train them on your ranch to increase their strength, and research new abilities for use in battle.

Friends with Benefits

Befriend the Elemental Spirits living across the world of Felicidad and increase your relationship bonds to unlock new ultimate monsters and transformations, adding new strength to your fight against Glaza.



In the Underworld known as Felicidad, people and monsters live in harmony. Here, farmers who raise and command monsters are known as Farmagia. Thanks to the Farmagia, the Magus Diluculum, and the Magus's generals known as the Oración Seis, the society of Felicidad has prospered... until the fateful day the Magus dies. That's when Glaza, one of the Oración generals, takes the opportunity to seize power for himself.
As Glaza and his army descend on the town of Centvelt, a resident Farmagia named Ten attempts to hold them off. Though he fails at first, Ten inspires others to stand up to the despot. With the aid of an Oración general defecting against Glaza’s mad quest for power, Ten and his friends must work together with their monsters to prevent the further subjugation of Felicidad.

Day 1 edition includes a 90-page 5.25” x 7.25” softcover artbook and a 23-track soundtrack CD packaged with the game in a custom box with an original illustration.


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