The Big Catch tells the story of the acrobatic fisherman Caster as he ventures across the world hunting for long-lost secrets and the untold history that’s lying just beneath the surface of his mysterious homeland. Caster works for the esteemed and enigmatic Chef Leurre. Alongside his kinsman and rival, Tackle, they search the vast, barren deserts for ingredients for Leurre and the titular restaurant, The Big Catch. Although a seemingly mundane task, Caster and Tackle’s journey sees them crossing paths with bands of thieves, mysterious beings from another world, corrupt politicians, regretful heretics, forest sprites, and ancient monsters—all in pursuit of the one thing of any true value left in such a
wasteland: FISH.

Inspired by the bold creativity of 3D platformers of the 5th and 6th console generations, The Big Catch presents an ambitious story and world to explore with fluid, skill-based action. Use fast, acrobatic platforming to flip, swim, fight, and spin across an arcane desert world. Master the tools of your trade, using your rod to fend off foes and reach new heights. Soon you’ll discover that there’s much more than fish at stake.

Release Date



Windows PC


3D Platformer




Key Features

Tackle Thrilling 3D Platforming

Navigate the desert’s many regions, full of obstacles and puzzles, with an array of moves like running, climbing, grinding, and swimming to hunt fish and uncover hidden treasures of a bygone era.

Angle for Adventure

Fishing is more than a trade—it’s how Caster finds new paths and fights off trouble. Use your rod to catch, toss, swing, and pull if you hope to reel in the big one and take down enemies in your way.

Reel in the Mystery

A long-buried history of this world lies hidden beneath its barren plains. Explore an open world filled with unique characters and uncover truths most will never know.

A Nostalgic Hook

Inspired by action platformers at the turn of the millennium, The Big Catch invokes the ideas and style of the era and builds on that foundation with memorable gameplay, characters, music, and more.