Welcome to the world of Cuisineer, a food-focused action roguelike that challenges you to earn your dinner the hard way: by fighting it in a dungeon. You play the role of reluctant restauranteur Pom, an adventuring hero faced with saving her family’s debt-ridden eatery. Armed with nothing but her trusty spatula and some tasty boba tea, Pom must explore the dangerous world outside Paell to discover the precious ingredients she’ll need to cook up delicious recipes that will keep customers coming back for more.

Combating gangs of chickens and fire-breathing peppers is only part of the challenge Pom faces, as she’ll also have to restore the legacy of her family’s derelict restaurant. Cook up a frenzy in your customized kitchen, and tailor your dining hall to the needs of loyal patrons with the help of local artisans. As long as the people of Paell are eating well, you’ll be in good shape. Just watch out for that lunch rush!

Release Date

November 9, 2023


Windows PC


Action, Roguelike, Simulation



Key Features

A Smorgasbord of Dungeons

Explore procedurally generated biomes like lush forests, flaming volcanoes, icy caves, and deadly swamps that change their size, shape, and the ingredients they hold every time you visit.

Master the Flavors of Fighting

Unlock the powers of Salty, Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Umami, Frosty, and Toasty, mixing and matching the various effects to knock out the opposition with unique utensils and gourmet gear!

Craft Your Own Culinary Experience

With over 100 different recipes and dozens of ingredients, you’ll have to cook up a storm to get the right dishes to the right customers—and have enough seating to accommodate your growing renown.

Take Quests to Go

While you’re dungeon diving, be on the lookout for items Paell’s residents need. You’ll be rewarded with gold, new items, and even more recipes to take your cooking and adventuring to new heights.