Welcome to Heroland—a bright, tropical theme park resort where anyone can explore dungeons, beat up baddies, and become a legendary hero! …Except for you, that is. You work there as a tour guide.

Meet Lucky, an unexceptional part-timer from the countryside who applied to Heroland to support his hungry family. Little does he know, his first guest is as prestigious as they come—the spoiled Prince Elric of the Knowble Kingdom, who’s fallen from his former glory…all the way to 18th in line for the throne. Elric’s quest is simple, but his goals are lofty: Defeat the Dark Lord and regain his rightful place as Knowble’s first in line!

On their journey, however, Lucky and Elric realize they’ve gotten into more than they bargained for as they begin to unravel the mysteries behind Heroland’s history. It’s a big journey for one prince and his pauper guide, but they’ll have some help along the way! Together with a sassy fairy companion, legendary heroes of old, phantom thieves, and upright knights, there’s nothing this team of ragtag adventurers-slash-tourists can’t do!

Part-time Heroes Wanted!

The Heroland theme park offers guests an authentic RPG-style adventure for a price, but when a scruffy young park guide and his guests uncover ulterior motives by the organizers, legends become reality, and guests must take the fate of the park (and the world!) into their own hands. Created by an all-star development team consisting of key people behind MOTHER 3Legend of Mana, and Fantasy Life, this 2D adventure brings not only a host of quirky heroes and their unique abilities to join your party for a new take on classic RPG-style combat, but also a colorful cast of monsters employed by the theme park, many with their own stories to tell!

Release Date

December 3, 2019


Nintendo Switch
Windows PC





Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes

Key Features

A Highly Customizable RPG

As a Hero tour guide, you have the power to choose what your party does, and when! Customize your heroes’ strategies, weapons, and more, including taking home some treasure to decorate Lucky’s room to your liking!

A Wide Variety of Unique Heroes

Over 20 characters to guide and befriend, each with their own unique and entertaining quests and storylines! Overzealous knights, high school girls, pretentious princes and a casually nihilistic otter—or is he a human? No one knows for sure, but they’re all here at Heroland!

A Colorful, Curious Monster Cast

Monsters aren’t just your enemies, they’re your co-workers, too! The Monster Encyclopedia fills with stories about all your quirky co-workers: jungle-dwelling goblins, cute little slugs, selfie-loving skeletons, and…magical Romanesco broccoli?!

It Takes Some Legends to Make a (Part-time) Hero

Directed by Takahiro Yamane (Fantasy Life), written by Nobuyuki Inoue (MOTHER 3, Legend of Mana), taking place in a colorful 2D world created by Nobuhiro Imagawa (MOTHER 3, Legend of Mana), and jam-packed with Tsukasa Masuko’s (Shin Megami Tensei) whimsical tunes, this adventure is one players won’t soon forget!


Looking for a magical getaway? Yearning to go on an epic quest? Excited about waiting in line for overpriced merch? Then grab a sword and your annual pass, because Heroland awaits!


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