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Exile’s End is a collaboration between Tokyo-based independent game developer Matt Fielding and several talented Japanese game industry veterans, backed by Japanese publisher Marvelous. The game is a remake of Fielding’s first independent release, Inescapable, building and expanding on the original idea by adding an atmospheric soundtrack, significantly more enemies, animated cutscenes, greater story depth, a greatly expanded world, and multiple endings. Inspired by classic “cinematic platformers” like Out of This World/Another World and Flashback: The Quest for Identity, Exile’s End plays out as an exploration-driven side-scrolling adventure through a massive, interconnected laboratory and mining complex on a moody, lonely alien world, and offers a variety of diverse locations to explore and puzzles to solve through skilled platforming and clever usage of the game’s myriad weapons.

An enormous, interconnected world of over 1200 screens to explore,
featuring adventure-style puzzles mixed with intense platforming action.
Daring jumps, complex enemy patterns, stealthy subversions, hidden
treasure chambers and more await, accompanied by Metroidvania-style
progression and Another World-inspired atmospherics!

Animated cutscenes expand upon a branching story of ancient riddles
and modern-day hubris, posing the question, “What is the nature of true
heroism?” Player decisions will guide them through a deep, expansive
mystery that ultimately leads to one of two possible endings.

Soundtrack by Keiji Yamagishi, legendary composer for Ninja Gaiden (NES),
Tecmo Super BowlDynasty Warriors, and numerous other classic games.

Art and graphics by Japanese industry legends whose works include
Sword of ManaGuilty Gear, and an unreleased Sega Megadrive/Genesis
version of Ninja Gaiden.