Kisaragi Academy student Mayu Suzumoto is transferring to a new high school, leaving behind a sizable group of friends and countless lovely memories. To help her cope with this move, her friend Ayumi has devised a seemingly innocent plan: the whole group will come together to perform a charm she found on the internet called “Sachiko Ever After,” which is supposed to bind all of its participants together as friends to the end.

This does not go as expected.

Following an intense earthquake, the group awakens to find themselves separated and trapped in an alternate reality version of Heavenly Host Elementary School, a tragedy-stricken institution that once stood on the site of their own school but was torn down long ago. Here, the vengeful spirits of elementary-aged children threaten their lives and their sanity, and the only hope of survival – much less escape – is to uncover the chilling details surrounding the murders of those trapped before them.

Release Dates

November 22, 2011

Windows PC
April 25, 2016

Nintendo 3DS™
October 25, 2016


Nintendo 3DS
Windows PC


Adventure, Horror



PlayStation Portable
Strong Language
Blood and Gore
Partial Nudity
Intense Violence
Sexual Content
Nintendo 3DS™
Strong Language
Suggestive Themes
Windows PC
Windows PC Version Not Rated by the ESRB

Key Features

Highly Detailed Retro-Style Graphics Used to Enhance Atmosphere

16-bit-style 2D visuals modeled after the original indie game help create an intentional disconnect that sparks the imagination, leading the player to envision far worse things than even the most powerful next-gen system could display.

Playing like a cross between a point-and-click adventure game and a classic

Adventure-Style Gameplay Where Your Decisions Make All the Difference
JRPG without battles, players have the freedom to explore every last corner of Heavenly Host Elementary School, significantly altering the course of the story and its final conclusion based on where the characters go and what they do.

Chapter-Based Storytelling with Fourteen Lore-Expanding “Extra Chapters”

Told through five main story chapters with multiple endings each, along with fourteen “Extra Chapters” that expand the series’ considerable lore. Four new Extra Chapters are exclusive to this iteration, providing insight into plot elements that were previously left unexplained and characters who’ve never quite gotten their fair share of screen time.

Exclusive Bonus Content Mixed with Fan-Favorite Features

Features the original cast of Japanese voice actors enhanced with binaural 3D recording techniques to create a simulated surround sound experience when playing with headphones, offering players a delightfully uncomfortable level of immersion. Exclusive to this version are 3D art stills, arranged music tracks, redrawn high-resolution character sprites, and much more!

Corpse Party

A group of friends unknowingly perform an occult ritual that traps them in an otherworldly elementary school. Here, the vengeful spirits of young children threaten their lives and their sanity, and the only hope of survival is to uncover the chilling details behind the murders of those trapped before them...


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