Based on the indie horror classic first imagined in 1996, Corpse Party has received great acclaim over the years across its various iterations on PC and handheld systems, and now the cult classic that spawned an indie sub-genre has been updated for the next generation.

Corpse Party (2021) features five main story chapters with multiple, often gory endings and fourteen “Extra Chapters” that expand on the series’ lore, as well as a brand new extra chapter starring original characters Miku Shirayume, a high school-aged streamer looking to expand her audience by delving into urban legends, and her gentle but loyal friend, Ryoka Iwami. In addition to the art stills, music, and sprites fans love, this version’s “Extra Chapters” are also now fully voiced in Japanese.

Experience a tale of horror and madness spanning generations and discover who will live to see another day.

Release Date

October 20, 2021


Nintendo Switch
Windows PC
Xbox One


Horror, Adventure



Strong Language
Suggestive Themes

Key Features

Atmospheric Retro-Style Graphics

16-bit-style visuals based on the original indie game’s designs paired with gruesome descriptions and heart-pounding sound design will have players’ imaginations running wild with visions of horror.

Adventure-Style Gameplay Where Every Choice Counts

As a cross between a point-and-click adventure game and a battleless RPG, Corpse Party lets players explore every corner of Heavenly Host Elementary and make choices that significantly change the course of the story and its characters’ fates.

New Extra Chapters Add to the “Fun”

Two original Extra Chapters expand on the relationship between series favorites Ayumi and Yoshiki, as well as introducing Miku Shirayume and Ryoka Iwami, two brand new characters with their own intriguing roles to play in the grisly legend of Heavenly Host Elementary.

Innovative Sound Design

Listen to the fully voiced Japanese audio and enjoy another level of immersion thanks to binaural 3D recording techniques that create a simulated surround sound experience for headphone users for another dimension in horror.

Corpse Party (2021)

Explore the haunted halls of Heavenly Host Elementary in Corpse Party (2021), the horror cult classic now updated for the next generation.


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