STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life Fanworks Contest Gallery + Winners

Hello, farmers! Today marks the unveiling of the winners of the #SoSAWL Fanworks Contest! We asked the community to send us their most creative fanworks for a chance to win in one of three available categories and you delivered. Please enjoy this gallery of selected entries as well as the winning fanworks. Special shoutout to all of the creative farmers who participated in the contest!

Friends on the Farm
Winner – @artofzhen

Merry Matrimony
Winner – BlueberryBlanket

Nostalgia Overload
Winner – @artsy_vii (twitter)

Honorable Mention – gymleadercheren

Honorable Mention – KaseiCosplay

Honorable Mention – Moji

Honorable Mention – @ushiipuriin

Honorable Mention – wildflowercryptid


Click on the image to view full image and artist name! Please DM us on Twitter to report any errors or requested credit updates.

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