DEADCRAFT Developer Blog #4: Be as brutal as you want with shakedowns and robbery

DEADCRAFT Developer Blog #4: Be as brutal as you want with shakedowns and robbery

In DEADCRAFT, you can live a self-sufficient life, growing vegetables in your fields and killings rats to cook their meat.

However, we wanted to make a survival game that provides players with multiple pathways to their next meal.

Some methods to get resources you need to survive include threatening or even killing townspeople for their possessions. Of course, there are risks in committing crimes, so it is up to the player to choose if they wish to engage in these activities. Killing residents raises your Wanted level and makes you a target for reprisal, but you can kill Bawkers—members of an outlaw gang living in the wastelands—with impunity.

That’s why Bawkers are treated pretty horribly even by in-game missions, such as asking the player to go kill them when an ally needs zombie food.

You can also rob shopkeepers, but they always have several bodyguards, so be prepared for a fight if you mess with them. Taking on a shopkeeper and their bodyguards requires preparation,  but the rewards will be well worth it if you succeed. Corpses of fallen foes are a valuable resource in this game because corpses of stronger enemies create stronger frankies (zombie allies). Some weapons can dismember corpses, so choose your weapons wisely when entering a fight as different crafting recipes will require either disassembled or intact corpses.

Hisashi Fujii

*Screenshots captured from a game still in development.