STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Farmer FAQ

Greetings, everyone! 

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, and we hope all of you have been enjoying your new farm life! 

Struggling just a bit? No worries, we teamed up to provide you with a handy guide to help you build your ideal farm life from the ground up. Don’t see your question answered? Feel free to hop in our Discord and ask us directly!

Starting Your Farm

  • Q: How do you remove puddles from your farm?
    • A: After your first rainy day, you should get an event the next morning where Clemens gives you one of his old buckets. Use that bucket to scoop up any puddles that are in your way, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even get special materials that you can use to fix your motorcycle! 
  • Q: Can you rearrange the buildings on your farm?
    • A: You can! Once a facility is placed, it can be just as easily cleared away with the B button. Be aware that if you have any animals or items (such as fodder or byproducts) in the facility, the animals will have to be relocated to a new facility, and you’ll have to pick up those dropped items. 

  • Q: What is the best stamina food?
    • A: High-quality entrees and desserts are your best bet. Level up your cooking skill, cook with the best-quality ingredients you can, and you’ll have plenty of extra stamina meals to take with you on those long trips to the mines. Desserts are the only meal types that can be eaten even when you’re full from an entree, so be sure to cook up some of those as well for those in-between times when you need a snack!

  • Q: How can you change the language for the game?
    • A: Language settings have been added to the Options menu at the title screen in the 1.0.4 patch. Thank you for your patience!
  • Q: What do the stars represent when farming crops?
    • A: Stars represent an item’s quality level. The more stars an item has, the higher quality it is! Quality levels range from 0 stars to 10 rainbow stars.
  • Q: What’s the best way to get rich?!
    • A: Once you’ve unlocked the second area of your farm, find some wild strawberries during spring and ship them out. Buy the seeds from the general store on their next business day, and you’ll get quite the profit from growing those and shipping them out! Keep an eye out for wild veggies and fruits that give multiple yields or items, and eventually you’ll be set for every season!

Know Your Neighbor

  • Q: How can you increase your communication skill?
    • A: The most surefire way to increase your communication skill is to speak with the townsfolk every day. If you do, you’ll be building up your conversation confidence in no time.
  • Q: Is there a limited number of town requests?
    • A: Yes. There are 10 special town requests needed to complete Mayor Victor’s town revitalization project.


  • Q: Can I change my appearance later on?
    • A: You can! Depending on the development level of the beauty salon, you’ll be able to change aspects of your character, from their eye color and facial features to their hair and voice!
  • Q: Can you unlock more hairstyles?
    • A: All available hairstyles are unlocked once you gain access to Karina’s salon.


  • Q:  How do you make colored cloth?
    • A: Colored cloth can only be obtained from certain types of animals. For example, brown alpaca yarn and cloth can only be made from brown alpaca fleece.
  • Q: How do you obtain glass?
    • A: Glass rocks can be obtained from ore veins in the mines. Those can then be crafted into sheets of glass in the crafting menu with a high enough mining skill.
  • Q: How can you make mushroom spores?
    • A: Spores can be made via the spore maker. Once you’ve reached a certain cultivation level, you’ll be able to craft the spore maker and insert fully grown mushrooms into it. A day later, your mushroom spores will be ready to go!


  • Q: Why do animals leave the barn when you move it?
    • A: You took away their home! If you pick up their barn or coop, they won’t know where they live anymore…so you’ve got to give them a reminder! Simply pet any animals that have a speech bubble with a house over their heads, and you’ll be able to reassign them to another facility.
  • Q: Does the personality of your pet affect anything in the game?
    • A: Your pet cats and dogs do have different personalities! Some like to run around and play a lot, while others like to relax calmly by themselves.


  • Q: How can you share pictures online?
    • A: You can choose to share a picture from Laura’s tourist information center. Just ask to send out a postcard, and you’ll be able to share one with farmers around the world! On the flipside, if you would prefer not to send a postcard, or if you’d rather not see other farmers’ postcards on your loading screens, you may choose to turn them off by going to the Gameplay menu under Options, and then setting Online Communication to “OFF.”

Marriage Candidates

  • Q: Can we marry Beth? What about Clemens? …Lars?
    • A: Unfortunately not…It seems they are happily dating, so we won’t be able to marry them..:( And it seems that Clemens also has his eye on someone else in town…(who, you ask? You’ll have to get to know him to find out!), so he’s also not available.


  • Q: How do you get a watering can?
    • A: The watering can will be given to you by Mayor Victor Spring 2. Be sure to check your Tool Bag in the inventory menu whenever you obtain a new tool!
  • Q: How do you get an automatic feeder?
    • A: Once your animal care skill level is high enough, you’ll be able to make automatic feeders from the crafting menu.
  • Q: How do you get your motorcycle back?
    • A: The motorcycle can be re-obtained once Lars is done fixing it up. He’ll come to your house one morning to let you know that he’s working on it, but he’s missing a few key materials! He’ll post those material requests on the town bulletin board, so if you find any of the items he needs, turn them in at Olive Hall. (HINT: Be sure to level your draining skill up if you want to get your motorcycle back as soon as possible!)

Bonus Buffy Question:

  • Q: Help! I ordered the Premium Edition but I have no Buffy plushie!
    • A: Don’t worry, open the box first! Your plushie should be safely snuggled inside. If you open the box and find no Buffy, please contact us at [email protected]