STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Fanworks Contest

Time to roll up your sleeves, farmers! Today marks the beginning of the STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town Fanworks Contest and we have details to share! Are you interested in winning the prize pack shown here? Now’s your chance!

It’s time to test your creative skills! Submit your most creative farmer fanworks from now until the submissions close April 30 @ 12pm PT!

Three top prize winners will be selected to win an exclusive, limited physical prize pack full of Olive Town charm! Remember to share your creativity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram under #SoSPoOT and #FarmerFanworks so we can show off your artwork!

General Rules:

  • Entry submission period: 4/08/2021 @ 12 pm PT – 4/30/2021 @ 12pm PT 
  • Submission Link:
  • Submit up to 3 entries per participant.
  • Winners: 3 winners will be selected to win a SoS: PoOT physical prize pack!
  • Additional requirements:
    • Please only submit artwork/fanworks that you are comfortable having reposted with credit on the official XSEED channels.
    • Giveaway open to US residents only.

How To Enter

Submit via our Google Form here:

Entry form accepts one submission at a time. If you plan to submit more than one entry, each entry will have to be entered separately.


We have 3 categories your artwork can take the prize in! 

  •  It’s Wild Out There!
    o   Highlight your favorite animal friends of Olive Town!
  • Love Is In The Air
    o   Show off your favorite Olive Town marriage candidate(s) and use your creativity to show your adoration.
  • 25 Years of STORY OF SEASONS
    o   Highlight any characters, locations, or Plushie from STORY OF SEASONS (3DS), Trio of Towns, Friends of Mineral Town, or Pioneers of Olive Town (or all at once?)

What constitutes ‘fanwork’?

Both digital and physical artwork submissions will be accepted, as long as the artwork can be conveyed via a static image. Physical media such as papercraft, needlepoint, plushies, and other crafts are also accepted via digital photo submission. Creative media and physical materials are highly encouraged!

More Information:

STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town is available now on Nintendo Switch! Please see the official website for more details:

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