Rune Factory 4 Special Art Contest

Rune Factory 4 Special Art Contest

Thank you for participating in the RF4S Fanart Contest! Check out a small slice of the submissions sent in by the community! We were blown away by the amount of time, dedication, and creativity that went into each and every submission. To check out even more submissions that couldn’t fit on this page, make sure you’re following the #RF4Scontest hashtag! For more information about Rune Factory 4 Special, please see the official website:

Selphia Special – Ruzuko Ravile

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Rune Factory 4S Art

Rune Factory 4 Dolce – Star Panda

RF4contest_Renkkai_2 – Renkkai

RF4 color Fran – Guerrero Terrones

RF4 color – Fran Guerrero Terrones

RF4 color – Fran Guerrero Terrones

RF4 all – Bintang Pasca

Meg – Nico 0

Meg – Megu Bunnii

Margaret – Natalie

Lofty anchor -Chris S.

Leon – Yazmin Soto

Kiel – Joy Hammoud

IrisEdmonson_Forte – Iris Edmonson

Frey – Timothy Benjamin

Frey – Shiro Tanuki

Frey Composition – Jennifer Laében Rosén

Forte RF4SContest Submission Andrew Leger

Forte – Onee Tan

Forte – Iris Edmonson

Forte – Boin Boing

Encounter of the Last Survivor – Final Freya – Arleith

Dylas – Tsukimoto Myobi

Dylas – Star Panda

Dylas – Aurelia C.

Dylas and Frey – Cynthia Franquiz

Doug four seasons – Cake Cake

Dolly Holly – Kreyche

Dolly – Holly Kreyche

Dolce Fanart by Yve Yve R

Dolce By Gozgaz Kakasa

Clorica – Pingu Chang

By Yuumira

By Yuumira

By yhx97-2-YH-_-D

Xiaopai – Ghias P.

By Starlia Prichard

By Silvi Ana

By Renkkai

By Renkkai

By Renkkai

By Mitsu Moo

By Licornia Art

By Kathrine Cade

By Karen O.

By Julie Ben Ahmed

By Irfan Nugraha

By Hinaru Thomas

By Hikarii kun

By Haruyuih Saigara

By Fayhua Fish

By Evan Nash

By Ennea H.

By Chelsea

By Cami

By Brittany

By Austen Farnsworth

By Aulia Rahmawati

By Annie Yang

By Alyssa Oakley

Boys – Jackie Kawaii

Bachelors – Sharmaine Encab

Bachelors Pick – Amanda Rogocki

Bachelors – Demi Sommerville

Artist Title

Arthur – Cheeb B

444 Min – Tsubi Uru