GUNGRAVE VR: “Rise again and fight for us, Beyond the Grave!”

GUNGRAVE was a premiere title for fans of intense action games and anime in the aughts, and GUNGRAVE VR and standalone sequel GUNGRAVE VR U.N are the long-awaited return of this legendary series after a 14-year absence. With these two VR-exclusive titles in the “Loaded Coffin Edition” (now available!), series fans and newcomers alike can get a double dose of intense shooting action designed specifically for VR. When they put on the PS VR headset, players will step into the shoes of a powerful assassin and take command of his over-the-top tools of destruction.

The world of GUNGRAVE was created by Yasuhiro Nightow (of Trigun and Blood Blockade Battlefront fame) and debuted as a pair of video games for the PlayStation 2 system alongside an acclaimed anime series. The story focuses on a silent undead assassin named Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), who takes on hordes of enemies with massive handguns collectively known as Cerberus and a machine gun-loaded coffin strapped to his back. In GUNGRAVE VR and GUNGRAVE VR U.N, Grave is called back from a 14-year slumber by Mika Asagi, a woman he has sworn to protect, to help her take down a criminal syndicate distributing a nefarious substance that turns humans into monsters.

Picking up this classic series was really exciting for us, if not a little intimidating. Luckily, we had a big GUNGRAVE fan in the office who contributed on everything from story and terminology questions to English voice recording. GUNGRAVE VR includes both English and Japanese voice options, featuring some returning voice actors in both languages, and the text was translated into six languages other than English: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. All of these are included in our release. Our German translator in particular did a lot of research into the series to craft an accurate translation, and he even helped fix some terminology issues for us in English. For example, thanks to his research, we discovered that the plural of “Orgman,” the enemies mutated by exposure to the extraterrestrial drug SEED, is “Orgmen” and not “Orgmans.”


GUNGRAVE VR comes with five big, challenging levels featuring the waves of relentless enemies and hardcore boss fights that series fans will remember. Levels alternate between third-person and first-person sections, ramping up the intensity with each new section and providing a complete VR action experience. While most first-person sections play like arcade-style shooters with a stationary Grave fighting off approaching enemies, in one level you’ll hop on an air bike to take on a massive airship in first-person. Maneuvering the air bike to dodge enemy fire from all directions while attacking the airship is the kind of thrilling GUNGRAVE experience that is made even better by VR.

In addition to bringing back some important gameplay and story elements from the original games, GUNGRAVE VR also adds a few new elements like “Reaper Time,” which slows the action down for a few seconds to give Grave an edge in battle. Mastering “Reaper Time” is essential to taking down enemies on the game’s highest difficulty settings, and it’s an ability that is especially suited to the VR gameplay.

The standalone sequel GUNGRAVE VR U.N adds fast-paced side-scrolling sections on top of regular first and third-person gameplay. Despite GUNGRAVE’s classic console action roots, both games provide a cutting-edge action experience. Players who own both GUNGRAVE VR and GUNGRAVE VR U.N will unlock the classic GUNGRAVE: Overdose (O.D) skin in GUNGRAVE VR U.N. This classic costume for Beyond the Grave can also be unlocked in GUNGRAVE VR if players can earn the top SS rank for all levels on the “Normal” difficulty — no mean feat.

We hope you’re ready for a brand new action experience in the GUNGRAVE universe!

You can pick up the game today: