Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Localization Blog #5

Howdy, everybody! For the past week, we’ve been posting self-introductions written by the eligible bachelors in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns on the game’s Facebook page. We’ve collected them all here, so get to know them before meeting them in the game when it releases on February 28.

We also have a brand new trailer introducing these handsome hunks.


Howdy there, darlin’! You must be the new farmer I’ve been hearin’ so much about.

I’m Wayne, Westown’s postman. It’s a pleasure to meet ya. Welcome to the frontier! If ya ever get homesick, drop on by our post office and send off a letter to your folks.

I came here from the city, myself. When I applied to be a postman and they sent me out here to the sticks, at first I was nervous about the country life. But I have to say I love it out here. The people are friendly, the food is fresh, the air is clean…yessir, country living is the way for me. I hope ya like it as much as I do.

You can find me wanderin’ all over the three towns on my rounds from early in the morning. I couldn’t survive without coffee. After gettin’ home all I want to do is unwind with a bath and a good book.

Ford’s my best friend, though I’m sure he’ll deny it. He’s always givin’ me medical advice, and in return I try and coach him up on how to talk to women. Most of my advice is on the level, but I’d be lyin’ if I said I didn’t throw him a curveball every once in a while to see if he’ll actually do it. C’mon, don’t look at me like that!

Let me know if ya need anythin’ at all. Don’t be a stranger now, y’hear?


Good afternoon. Are you here for a checkup?

No? Then may I inquire as to the purpose of your visit?

You would like me to introduce myself?

…Just where do you think we are right now? This is no social club and I am no young man about town. This is a clinic and I am the attending physician. You may call me Dr. Ford while in the confines of these walls during regular business hours. Simply Ford will suffice when I am off-duty.

Furthermore, do I detect traces of dust on your clothes? Are those spots of mud on your shoes? Must I repeat myself? This is a medical facility. When you present yourself in my clinic, you will be clean, groomed, and properly attired. I understand that you are a farmer, but that is no excuse for poor hygiene. There are no fields for you to till in here. I will not have you putting my other patients at risk with your lackadaisical approach toward personal care.

Excuse me. I might have gotten a bit worked up just then. I take my work very seriously, and I suppose I am guilty of holding others to the same high standards I set for myself. Wayne has repeatedly told me I must relax, and I believe he is right.

Let me try again. Please call me Ford. If you ever have need of a doctor, my door is always open, day or night. I hope we can be good friends.


Thin sticks, thick bricks. Thin sticks, thick bricks.

Six sticky skeletons.

She sells sea shells by the seashore.

Black back bat. Black back bat. Black back bat.

Hmm? What am I doing? I’m reciting tongue twisters to practice clear pronunciation. You could hear me? Shoot, I’ve gotta stop mutterin’ to myself.

Anyway, I’m Hinata! I work the general goods counter at Mr. Moriya’s wholesale store. Nice to meetcha!

I’ve been workin’ for Mr. Moriya since I was 13. I have loads of brothers and sisters, so I left home and came to Tsuyukusa to live on my own and earn my keep. I miss my family, but we still trade letters and stuff. And I really like workin’ for Mr. Moriya.

Huh? What about the tongue twisters? They’re useful for makin’ sales pitches, but they’re really for what I do when I get off work. I’m in an actor’s troupe in another town! Got bit by the acting bug when I watched a play with Yuzuki and his grandma Omiyo. I’m still workin’ my way up the ranks though. Gotta keep chasing my dreams, you know?

If you like, come and see me perform sometime. And it goes without saying that you’re always welcome to say hello at Mr. Moriya’s shop. Just…make sure to buy something every once in a while, okay?


Hello there. You must be the new farmer from the old property by the crossroads. My name is Yuzuki. It’s a pleasure to make your acqua—


Forgive the imposition, but could I ask you to hold still for just a moment? The light is striking your hair in such a way that… Yes, I see it now. That would be a lovely color. But what to do about the material? And of course it shouldn’t be too—

Oh, excuse me. That was a terribly rude way to treat a new acquaintance. Please accept my apologies. You see, I design accessories by trade and have been in something of a creative rut of late. When I saw your hair, I was struck with inspiration for a new design.

As I was saying, my name is Yuzuki and I live here in South Tsuyukusa with my grandparents, Omiyo and Umekichi. You can often find me in my workshop here on their farm. Please stop by to visit any time.

If I’m not in, then you will likely find me strolling about Tsuyukusa. Nothing helps spark my imagination like a brisk walk. Not to mention that Ginjiro’s restaurant is on my usual route, and I do love tea and a nice dessert after a stroll.

There are many people around our age here in Tsuyukusa. I hope you can become good friends with all of us. I promise not to treat you as a model again…at least, not without your permission, of course.


Aloha. You’re the new farmer, yeah? I heard about you from my grandmother. Welcome to Lulukoko Village. I’m Ludus.

People around here call me “handyman” or “jack of all trades” because I offer all sorts of services at my shop, Relacion. Whether you need a home renovation, a tool upgrade, or even some clothes tailored, I take almost all requests.

Have you met the twins, Iluka and Siluka? I built their café. The wind and waves are always battering away at the supports, so upkeep is a full-time job, yeah? But those girls are like sisters to me, so I can’t say I mind helping them out. We all grew up together, after all.

Just…don’t let them tease you too much, okay? Siluka isn’t so bad, but Iluka? She’s a little…okay, she’s a LOT convinced that she’s queen of the world. Sometimes I wish I had a nice “sister,” you know?

Like everyone here in Lulukoko, I love the sea. Work sometimes takes me to Westown or Tsuyukusa, but I have to say I prefer the air here. The smell of sand and salt just mean “home” to me. I often go fishing in my time off. Whenever I catch a big one, I’ll take it to the kitchen in the twins’ cafe and fillet it.

It’s awesome that you’re running a farm on your own. If you ever need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m always happy to lend a hand.