Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Localization Blog #4

Howdy, everybody! For the past week, we’ve been posting self-introductions written by the bachelorettes in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns on the game’s Facebook page. We’ve collected them all into a blog post.

We also have a brand new trailer introducing these lovely ladies.


Howdy! You must be new around here. Call me Lisette! I’m pleased to meetcha.

I run the flower shop in Westown. I took it over from my parents a few years ago after gettin’ a degree in horticulture in the city. I just love it here in town; everyone is so sweet and helpful. Carrie and Miranda are like big sisters, and Wayne and Ford are a hoot.

What kinda things do I like? Gosh… Well, I like flowers. Duh, right? Nothing makes me happier than makin’ an original bouquet for a customer.

An’ what’s more, fresh flowers don’t just brighten up a room, they have special meanings. Even the same type of flower can have different meanings dependin’ on what shade it takes, so I’m always careful about how I compose a bouquet. Wouldn’t want someone else fluent in flowers gettin’ the wrong idea from a present, you know? The language of flowers even covers fruits and vegetables. For example, the apple flower represents…

Oh, gosh! I’m sorry for ramblin’ on like that.

I also love reading. What kind of books? Umm… I definitely like books that adults should be reading! Not storybooks or anything childish!

My dislikes? Well… I’m perfectly fine with most bugs since I work with plants all day, but there’s somethin’ about snails. The same kinda goes for food too—I can’t stomach anythin’ slimy.

Anyway, come by my shop sometime if you need flower seeds. Don’t be a stranger!


Greetings. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Kasumi.

Excuse me. I am not much for “small talk.”

Introduce myself? Very well.

I teach basic learning, such as reading and writing, to children at a nearby schoolhouse. However, my place of birth is far from Tsuyukusa. My father is a scholar, and I received a classical education from a governess. This included ancient literature and poetry—of which I am fond—as well as painting and martial arts.

I am not…accustomed to holding conversations with the opposite sex. I much prefer female company or even solitude, and I typically spend my time off working on my calligraphy or practicing with the naginata and the bow. These activities encourage reflection, mindfulness, and self-discipline. Talking with men encourages nothing of the sort.

I do not much care for sweets and will usually pass any I receive along to Komari or Yuzuki, who are more than happy to oblige me by receiving them. Other than desserts, I enjoy many of Tsuyukusa’s traditional dishes. I rather enjoy living here, even though I am separated from my mother and father. It is a peaceful town full of friendly people.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must be going.


Hiya, nice to meetcha! The name’s Komari!

My dad and I run the teahouse in Tsuyukusa. We’re real proud of it! Dad works the counter and cooks all the food, an’ I take it out to the customers. My mom is off travelin’ the world, so it’s just the two of us holdin’ down the fort.

I like waitressin’, but Dad says I’m too casual with the customers. Sometimes I wish I could be more like Shizu, who runs the clothing counter at the wholesale store and is this totally refined lady. I’ve been thinkin’ I should ask her for lessons or somethin’. I got no time to go to finishin’ school.

Speakin’ of which, sometimes I get the feelin’ I spend TOO much time workin’, y’know? Ever since I was little, almost all my free time has been eaten up helpin’ at the shop. I really, reeeally wanna find some kind of hobby that I can tinker around with. Nothin’s jumped out at me yet though.

There aren’t many things I hate. I’m not a fussy person. Almost wish I was, though. Then I could say I have “taste”! Haha! But I really like most Tsuyukusa dishes. Guess that comes from growin’ up in THE Tsuyukusa teahouse, huh?

Anyway, be sure to say hi when you stop by the teahouse, ‘kay? See ya!


Komo mai! Welcome to Lulukoko’s famous seaside café, Carosello. We have lots of fruit drinks, chilled teas, and desserts that will help you beat the tropical heat.

So…what can I get for you today?

Well, are you a customer or not?

You’re just here to say hello?

*SIGH* Don’t make me waste all my customer service positive aura on you. You’re the new face, right? I’m Iluka, the owner of this café. See the girl in blue, the one who looks EXACTLY like me? That’s Siluka. We’re the famous and enchanting tw–

Siluka! Stop spacing out and take table 2’s order!

Like I was saying, we’re the famous and enchanting twin priestesses here in Lulukoko. We keep the village traditions as passed down by Gram. Oh, right. I’m talking about Ludus’ grandmother, Tototara. Come see us dance in front of the flames at the New Year’s Festival. We’re breathtaking! We also have special powers, so DON’T cross us or we’ll hex you, got it?

I make the drinks here, and tea is my specialty. Siluka does the heavy cooking, though. Not that I can’t cook! I can! She’s just more experienced.

The two of us grew up with Ludus. He can be a bit of a coconuts-for-brains, but I guess he’s handy to have around sometimes. He DID build us this café. He and Siluka are so quiet though. Sometimes when we’re all together I end up doing all the talking.

Here come a few more customers. If you’re not going to buy something, you’re just taking up space. Aloha!




Hmm? E kala mai. I must have dozed off.

Iluka’s always scolding me for napping on the job. Her eyes get big and her aura turns dark red and…oh, never mind. It’s nothing worth getting worked up over.

Oh, I’ve never seen your aura before. It’s very pretty. Are you new here?

I’m Siluka. My twin sister Iluka and I run the seaside café here in Lulukoko. We’re also the village priestesses. Iluka talks tough and likes to threaten people with curses, but please don’t take her too seriously. We ALMOST never have to jinx anybody.

Haha. That’s just a little joke. We do have special abilities, though, like predicting the weather and seeing auras.

Everything has an aura. Did you know that? Most people can’t see them, but they reflect the interconnectedness of all living things. Those who are connected to the natural world have the prettiest hues. So I can tell that you work with plants and animals just by the color you glow.

I find nature very…soothing, and my favorite things are the simple bounties of the earth and sun. I love all types of fruit. I am also interested in medicinal herbs. Ludus’ grandmother Tototara has passed down recipes for traditional medicines to me. They’re my greatest pride and a treasured secret…

Hmm? Oh, I was just looking at that sunny spot and thought I’d take a short rest. Goodbye for now.