Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim – Localization Blog #3

Hey, everyone!

Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim launches today! I’m as excited as I am nervous, since this marks my first XSEED title as lead editor. I really hope you all enjoy it.

Today’s blog will be a bit different. Rather than talk about the ins and outs of localization, I thought I’d share with you some interesting bits I found while editing. Since I’d never played the game before editing (though I was fortunate enough to be able to play the game with context after and give it another editing pass!), I edited every scene I was given without knowing when or how it played out. It was only after playing that I’d learned there were two scenes I edited in the script that weren’t even in the game! (Or at least, if they are, no one here’s been able to find them.)

So I thought, why not? Let’s share these with the world! Keep in mind that, while both scenes do look like they’re early versions of a prologue for Ys VI, some of the information revealed in them seems as if they were reserved for later parts of the actual game, so there’s no shame in waiting until after you’ve beaten it to give these a read. (In other words: Potential spoilers ahead!)

Scene #1:
Dogi: Adol?

Dogi: Adol!

Dogi: …Hey, Adol.
Dogi: Where do you think this ship’s heading, anyway?
Dogi: And what did those pirates have to lock us up in here for?
Dogi: Their captain’s the infamous One-Eyed Ladoc, right?
Dogi: Seemed like his daughter knew you.
Dogi: When’d you meet her?

Dogi: Oh, I guess the ship’s stopped moving.
Dogi: Now’s our chance to escape. You with me?

Girl’s Voice: I hate to spoil your fun, but if you jump off this ship now, you’re just gonna end up as food for the sharks.

Dogi: What’re you doing here?
Dogi: Hah! Do we look the type to be beaten by a few itty-bitty sharks?

Terra: That’s not what I mean. Where do you think we are now?

Dogi: …Huh?

Terra:  We’re in the middle of the Atlas Ocean, far west of the Europan continent.

Dogi: What?!
Dogi: Why would you bring us all the way to the middle of the Atlas Ocean? There’s nothing there!

Man’s Voice: Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong, my friend.

Dogi: Hah, would you look at that! The big boss finally shows himself.

Captain Ladoc: We’re here because we have every intention of heading even farther west.
Captain Ladoc: We plan on trying to cross the Great Vortex.

Dogi: The Great…Vortex?

Captain Ladoc: A giant whirlpool responsible for sinking countless ships in the past. All the rumors tell of treasure at its center.
Captain Ladoc: But it won’t be so easy to cross – and that’s why we’re bringing in as much support as we can muster.
Captain Ladoc: That support includes the two of you. My daughter, Terra, spoke very highly of you.

Terra: …
Terra: You’re in, right, Adol? Your eyes lit up the second you heard the words ‘Great Vortex.’

Captain Ladoc: Well, how about it, adventurer? Would you consider joining forces with us?


Admiral Agares: Ha ha ha! Not so mighty now, are you, One-Eyed Ladoc?
Admiral Agares: It’s high time you pay for making light of the almighty Romun Empire!
Admiral Agares: Don’t let him get away, Ernst!

Commander Ernst: Not to worry, sir. I’ve stationed several warships in the direction they are attempting to flee.
Commander Ernst: There’s no escape for them now. Their only options are to surrender…or perish.

Admiral Agares: Geh heh heh… Excellent, excellent. I knew you were the right man for the job.
Admiral Agares: Now, with those damned pirates out of the picture, we have to cross the Great Vortex ourselves. Do you have a plan?

Commander Ernst: Of course, sir. I have sent several loyal subordinates across it already.
Commander Ernst: I’ve no doubt that they will bring us good news in short order.

Admiral Agares: Ah, splendid. Then I’ll continue to leave everything in your hands.
Admiral Agares: Geh heh heh… Who would’ve thought that such a wonder lay hidden inside the Great Vortex?
Admiral Agares: With that much power under my control, a seat in the senate is all but guaranteed!
Admiral Agares: …No, not even the Imperial throne will be out of my reach!

Commander Ernst: I cannot think of a finer man to lead our nation, sir.

Admiral Agares: Ha ha ha! Oh, I’m sure you can’t!
Admiral Agares: I’ll be taking my leave now – it’s almost time to give Elizabeth her food.
Admiral Agares: I’m sure you can take handle the rest of the details here on your own.

Commander Ernst: Yes, sir.

Commander Ernst: …

Commander Ernst: Heh… Such power would be wasted on that imbecile of a man.
Commander Ernst: You should be content with a seat on the senate instead of seeking power that you’ll never be worthy of wielding.

Commander Ernst: There is only one man in this world fit to open the great Ark…
Commander Ernst: …and that is the man chosen by the Black Key itself.

Interesting stuff, right? Makes me wonder when they changed it, especially since the text is still present within the game itself. Even without these scenes, though, the game is still very much complete and a wonderful adventure to experience. Thank you for supporting Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim!

–          Brittany