Shinobi Warriors Dish Up Tasty Treats and Outrageous Combos in Frenetic Rhythm Gameplay

Torrance, Calif., (November 11, 2014) – Let’s eat! XSEED Games, the independent-minded console publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today announced that the rhythm game, SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit!, has launched for the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system and is available for digital download via the PlayStation Store.SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! combines the series’ trademark outrageous combos, tempting specials and offbeat humor with fast-paced rhythm gameplay set to an upbeat soundtrack of Japanese music.

In this spinoff of the SENRAN KAGURA series, the grand rivalry between girls’ academies continues as the shinobi take a break from hand-to-hand combat to face off in an entirely different kind of battle—with delicious results. The shinobi master Hanzō has promised the winner of his first annual “Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off” a magical scroll that can grant any one wish. Driven by their own desires, or just idle curiosity, the girls of Japan’s secret ninja schools have signed up for the tournament, ready to put their reflexes, memory and speed to the test in a cooking competition unlike any other.

The competition continues with the Gessen X Hebijo expansion pack on November 25, which will add two new girls’ academies and a bonus soundtrack app including each character’s song. Players can also expand SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! by importing their costume and character DLC from the recently released brawler, SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS. They can even import the two playable bonus characters, the fearsome Daidōji and the masterful Rin. Both characters bring their own new stories into Bon Appétit!, complete with new visual novel sequences, battles and music (Gessen x Hebijo expansion must be purchased to access Rin’s content).

SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! is developed by Meteorise, together with Marvelous Inc. of Japan for the PS®Vita. Published by XSEED Games in North America, the game is available for digital download via the PlayStation Store for $14.99, and the Gessen x Hebijo expansion pack will be available on November 25, 2014 for $14.99. Marvelous Europe will launch the title in Europe digitally on November 12, 2014. This title has been rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB in North America, 16+ by PEGI in Europe, and MA 15+ in Australia.

Find more information about SENRAN KAGURA Bon Appétit! at http://www.hanzonationalacademy.com/skba/.

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