New Action RPG, Cross Horizon, Releases on Android and iOS

Free-to-play Mobile Adventure from MarvelousAQL Brings Real-time Combat,
HD Graphics, and Deep Gameplay to RPG Fans

Marvelous USA, the US-based publishing operation of leading Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL, today announced the release of Cross Horizon, a console-quality real-time action RPG for Android and iOS. Now available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, the free-to-play adventure transports players to a rich fantasy world for story-driven questing, real-time touch-based combat, deep customization, hordes of monsters, piles of treasure, and party-based gameplay with friends. Marvelous USA oversees all MarvelousAQL operations in the US, including XSEED Games as the esteemed console brand and Marvelous Online as the brand for mobile games such as Cross Horizon, as well as social platforms.

Long ago, the fiendish Bandit King was driven from the world—now there are signs his influence is returning and new heroes must step up to defeat him. In Cross Horizon, players create a hero and embark on a stirring adventure using an intuitive touchscreen-based combat system. Players will equip and upgrade dozens of different weapons and armor to battle an endless stream of foes. They will enlist the help of friends, empower weapons with black magic, and stock their bag with potions as they set out to vanquish evil from the world.

Cross Horizon brings players a console-style Action RPG with engaging real-time touchscreen combat, sparkling HD graphics, and a deep, story-driven adventure,” said Jin Kimura, Vice President of Marvelous USA. “Whether you choose sword, axe, or spear you will experience intense battles, legendary heroes, evil monsters, and a wealth of treasure in your journey to defeat the Bandit King.”

In Cross Horizon, players combine attacks into deadly combos using swipe and tap gestures for real-time combat. Players can defend attacks using their shield and use tactics such as setting traps or throwing enemies down chasms as they fight their way to the Bandit King. As they explore the world, they will seek to uncover the truth behind the return of the demon lord. An unending array of monsters lurk in the vast wilderness and dark dungeons, guarding powerful treasures—but players must stock up on supplies and potions or risk being overwhelmed far from the safety of the Castle walls.

After equipping an all-purpose sword, long range spear, or close-up axe, players can forge weapons and armor into ever stronger creations as they meld metal with black magic. Gamers can also enlist the help of friends in their quest. Friends can follow along in their party and lend their aid in battle. Players can befriend other players they encounter for an even greater variety of party members. However they choose to do so, players will want to build the strongest party possible—for the Bandit King will not yield without a bitter fight!

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