Unchained Blades is a story-centric first-person perspective 3D dungeon-crawler RPG. The player develops an adventuring party of up to 4 members, built from a diverse mix of fantasy races and classes in order to advance through the campaign. By battling and defeating monster the characters will gain experience and grow more powerful. During the battle players can use the “Unchain” ability. Unchain is an in-battle command that allows you to try and convince the enemy monsters to ‘follow’ you (up to 16 monsters can follow your party into battle). The monsters should be weaker than you though in order for this to work. The ‘follower’ monsters will help you out with special attacks, and block you from getting attacked. Unchained Blades also boasts a wide variety of character art from numerous famous manga and game artists, including Pako (Shining series), Toshiyuki Kubooka (Lunar series, Idolm@ster), Kumichi Yoshizuki (Someday’s Dreamers), Shinichiro Otsuka (Summon Night), Sunaho Tobe (Hexyz Force) and Kazushi Hagiwara (Bastard!!), along with a soundtrack composed by acclaimed game music arranger Tsutomu Narita (The 3rd Birthday, Xenoblade Chronicles) and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy et al.) and game scenarios written by staffers whose previous credits include the Lunar and Grandia titles.

Release Dates

June 26, 2012

Nintendo 3DS™:
January 3, 2013


Nintendo 3DS





Use of Alcohol
Partial Nudity
Crude Humor
Sexual Themes