The shinobi of the Hanzō National Academy have taken a vow to follow the path of good, while the shinobi of the Hebijo Clandestine Girls’ Academy could be said to walk the path of evil given that they will work for the highest bidder regardless of their employers’ intentions. Both truly believe their doctrine is correct, and feel conflict with one another is inevitable.

However, what if it is not? What if both could coexist and see that there is a little dark in the light, and a little light in the dark?

Release Date

November 14, 2013


Nintendo 3DS





Sexual Themes
Partial Nudity
Use of Alcohol

Key Features

A Little Violent, A Little Sexy, and A Ton of Fun

Fight with a team of cute and buxom ninja girls in this 2.5D and 3D side-scrolling brawler that has fast punches, mid-air flight sequences, combos, super attacks, revealing cut-scenes, and sexy Ninja Arts.

Costume Damage to the Max

Clothes will be littering the floor at the end of missions as players take damage in battle. Rather than a health gauge, damage taken will cause outfits to tear bit by bit until characters are down to their swimsuits!

Action and Story Based Missions Provide Titillating Depth to Characters

140 Missions, including Story Mode, Free Mode and Side Missions, help unravel the story and characters behind the Senran Kagura universe. Using a combination of visual novel format and in-game cut-scenes, the story is advanced with fully voiced cut-scenes containing the original Japanese audio.

Dozens of Costumes Expose Endless Combinations

72 different costume sets such as school uniforms, swimsuits, ninja uniforms and even hairstyles can be changed, mixed and matched to provide players with an endless array of looks to choose from.