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The naughty yet very nice ninja girls of the SENRAN KAGURA universe return to the 3DS in a fresh, new 2.5D side-scrolling brawler. Featuring the series’ trademark high-flying, clothes-ripping battle mechanics, SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson follows the events of SENRAN KAGURA Burst, sending all 12 of the original cast members on another supernatural martial arts adventure through modern Japan. For the first time in the series, shinobi can fight in pairs, covering each other’s backs or combining special techniques as needed, or fight alone to give their partners time to recover after bouts of intense combat. One player can control both team members, switching back and forth at will, or two players can fight together in co-op mode, side by side.

• A Little Violent, a Little Sexy, a Ton of Fun
The buxom ninja girls of Hanzo and Hebijo are back, but are forced to team up with one
another to defeat a new evil as the series’ famous “bounce physics,” clothing damage and
fast-paced, frenetic battles return to aid in the telling of a touching new story.

• 12 Fighters, Each with a New Style
A dozen of the series’ favorites return, each with a new spin on her signature style as well
as a new partner mechanic for dynamic back-to-back action.

• High Production Values with Gorgeous Visuals and Audio
Some of the best visuals yet seen on the system are paired with a memorable soundtrack
and the high-quality original Japanese voice-overs for an authentic ninja experience.

• Play Story Mode Together with a Friend
Co-op support allows two friends to experience the story or special missions together, via
ad hoc or online.