Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space is an expanded remake of the second entry in the acclaimed action series. Players take on the role of a “Ranger” military soldier armed with conventional weaponry, a “Pale Wing” special ops soldier equipped with a jetpack and armed with energy weapons, or new to this version, an “Air Raider,” who fights indirectly through the strategic placement and dispatch of trip mines, sentry guns, air strikes and more. Players must fend off the invaders in each mission area, either alone or with up to three friends, through frenetic real-time combat set in real-life locations. Helmed by the original developers at Sandlot, this is the definitive version of what fans typically consider to be the best EDF title.

Release Date

December 8, 2015


PS Vita


Action, Shooter



Animated Blood
Mild Language

Key Features

Best Game in the Series gets a Modern Makeover

Praised as a classic upon its initial release, EDF2’s intense combat against hordes
of invading giant insects by way of guns, vehicles and even jetpacks has made this
title a fan favorite that’s often heralded as the series’ best.

Online Cooperative Gameplay and New Playable Class

Four-player online co-op and the addition of the Air Raider class ensure that
returning fans find entirely new ways to enjoy their favorite EDF experience.

Tons of Content and Replay Value

With 78 unique missions and 6 difficulty settings per mission, along with different character classes that require mastering completely different gameplay styles, there will always be new challenges to conquer and more bugs to squish.

New English Dub

New English voice-overs so that players can focus on the non-stop action.