Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection launches October 31

Discussion in 'Zwei Series' started by PasokonDeacon, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Wyrdwad

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    Yep, what Gintoki said.

  2. Trails of Persona

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    Beat the game, and now just going around and finishing up the optional content. It was a fun game, and while not story heavy I found myself enjoying it with some moments being much more emotional than I expected, and even if I called most of the stuff, the twists were still executed well.

    Don't know why I called muscle guy being Alwens father early in the game, but even when it was revealed I was still shocked because it almost seemed too silly to be the case

    Now the wait for the next game XSeed releases.
  3. PasokonDeacon

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    Consider the batwings, vaguely vampiric/beastly mask design, and how G-Colosseum resembles parts of Moonbria Castle. I got the feeling early on that Gallandeau must have some connection to either the Trueblood Vampires or Guiscard himself...especially considering Zahar's demise on Luna Mundus after his revival. So if Zahar didn't survive the duel from 100 years ago, contrary to expectations, what does that say about Guiscard? Sure enough, he must have won that fight to live as he is now, bereft of magic and stuck compensating for something. I get the feeling Guiscard's too embarrassed and ashamed to reveal himself to Alwen after what happened, but the Service Penguin informed him that his daughter's traveling about now to reclaim her magic, so he decided to help his daughter and her Blood Knight as much as he could.

    It just kills me that we're unlikely to see a true Zwei!! sequel anytime soon, if ever when you consider sales performance. Guiscard dropping the Gallandeau mask and confessing to his daughter and friends would be a fun moment. And there's so much comedic potential for pretty much everything to do with Ilvard's cast now.

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