Zwei Steam and GOG pages are up!

Discussion in 'Zwei Series' started by Wyrdwad, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Gintoki

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    It's kind of like Nintendo announcing Metroid Prime 4 at E3. People are super hyped right now, but if it takes too long to come out after the announcement, the hype will begin to fade.

    Not that you're anywhere near as bad as an announcement like that, that's probably still years off, lol.

    Edit: Bit of a lose/lose situation if you ask me, lol. Announce it too soon, and hype will fade, announce too close to release and you have a hard time maximizing hype. Guess you'd just have to consider the projected reception of the game and plan accordingly.
  2. Wyrdwad

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    In this case, too, we had no choice but to delay the announcement, as due to some technical complications (stubborn bugs, mostly), we were legitimately unsure whether or not we'd be able to hit the 10/31 launch date until the last minute. So if we'd announced 10/31 any sooner, there would've been a significant risk of delaying the game's release AGAIN, which would really have killed any PR momentum we might have gained through the earlier announcement.

    It really was kind of a lose/lose situation, but even though we only gave about a week's notice, we spent that week hyping the game as best as we possibly could, and tried to reach as many people we we could find to reach.


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