Ys VIII localized by NISA - Fall 2017 (Vita/PS4/Steam)

Discussion in 'Ys Series' started by Chaosblade77, Feb 18, 2017.

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    I'm impressed you can watch play throughs of long games like that. I watch some lets plays here and there but usually very short games and more there for the personality of the people involved. Still, good you were able to experience in some way those games.

    I remember the biggest thing going around when the game first came out was people posting a picture of one of the places you go to and the name of it was Archeozhaic Big Hole, instead of chasm or something different than big hole. My biggest complaint at the time was Sahad's voice actor seemed to have trouble acting in some of the more serious scenes. Mainly there was a sad scene with people crying and he sounded like he was a sobbing drunk rather than someone sad at what just happened. It felt out of place in that particular moment.
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    Sorry, I forgot to respond to this. No I haven't played Ys VIII yet. I haven't caught up with the series yet and I want to play the previous games leading up to Ys VIII first. So far I've only beaten Ys I and II. I do own most the other Ys on PC (except for VIII), but I wasn't planning on getting Ys VIII for a long time due to how it turned out. Now that it seems to be getting genuinely improved and cared for now, I'm much more willing to get it in the future.

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