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    This is intended to be a fairly laid-back forum, so you're never going to get in trouble for double-posting, necro-posting, going off-topic, etc. If you're having fun -- at no one else's expense, mind you -- then we ain't gonna stop you!

    But this is still a public forum, and an industry forum no less, so some rules are inevitable. And here they are:

    Rule 1: No flaming, harassing, hate speech or flame-baiting.

    This is a place for people to hang out, relax and take a load off. It is not a place from which people should ever feel the need to leave for a while so they can "cool off," nor is it a place for people to insult other users, talk down to other users, harass other users, speak out against political or ethnic groups, or bait/entrap other users into committing any of these acts against them through dares or "trolling." Basically, we want everybody to feel welcome, so if you're doing something that actively makes another user NOT feel welcome, you're probably in violation of this rule.

    If you believe someone has committed such an act, please report the post immediately and/or contact a moderator. And if someone is expressing an opinion with which you strongly disagree, be sure you're respectful in your responses, even if the other person is not being respectful toward you. Be the better person, and trust that we'll bring down the axe in your place.

    It is up to the sole discretion of this forum's moderators and administrators as to what constitutes flaming, flame-baiting, harassment or hate speech, and the punishment for such acts will vary according to the severity and perceived intent of the act -- anything from a private warning to account termination is possible, though we will usually err on the side of kindness (unless you're being a super ultra mega jerk!).

    Rule 2: No discussion of pirated goods, and absolutely NO links to pirated content.

    This is an industry forum, and like it or not, piracy does affect us adversely. As such, we will not tolerate any discussion of pirated video games, pirated movies, pirated music, etc. If you want to debate the effect piracy has on the industry as a whole or something, that's totally fine (and sounds like it might be kind of an interesting topic, at that!), but as soon as you brag about having pirated things yourself, paint piracy in a decidedly positive and desirable light, or especially link to something that's been pirated, you are in serious doo-doo.

    Note that YouTube (et al.) links to music or video game footage are OK, as long as they don't contain illegal download links in the description or in the video itself.

    Punishment for piracy discussion will tend to be fairly severe, but again, it's all about intent, and it's all up to the sole discretion of the moderators and administrators just how much serious doo-doo you are in. Pray you catch us on a good day -- or better yet, just don't do it in the first place!

    Rule 3: No excessive badgering.

    In other words, if you've already expressed your dislike of something so many times that people are starting to say things like, "Dude, we get it! Seriously!"... just stop posting about it. Excessive badgering is not going to make us change our mind about what games we're releasing or how we're releasing them, and I think it's safe to say it won't make other people change their minds about their opinions either.

    If a staff member has already addressed your concern, too, yet you are not satisfied with the result, you may be actioned for this rule should you decide to disregard what you've been told and continue making the same argument. XSEED staff members are certainly not infallible, but we're also not going to lie or placate anyone. If you feel we ARE doing that, we'd ask that you not continue arguing the matter on the forums -- instead, write in to comments at xseedgames dot com with your concerns, and someone higher up than forum admin will review your claim.

    Rule 4: Keep profanity to a minimum and porn off the boards altogether.

    We're not going to forbid all swearing, but excessive swearing (particularly of a sexual or otherwise offensive nature) is definitely not permitted (and F-bombs are best avoided altogether!). This won't be easy to action, since "excessive" is a pretty vague term, but generally, you'll know if you said something you shouldn't have -- be it one especially awful swear word or a ludicrously long chain of minor vulgarities.

    Pornography, however, is out altogether. We want to keep this board rated T (or soft M at worst), so anything you wouldn't expect to see in a T-rated game or PG-13 (or soft R) movie is probably not going to fly here. And while that makes every swear word a judgment call, pornography and graphic sexual descriptions are quite definitively unacceptable.

    Rule 5: ...Just be good.

    There are bound to be some rules we missed, since people regularly find some pretty creative ways to be pains in the tuckus. So as a catch-all: this rule list is not the be-all end-all final word. If you're found to have committed an act on here that goes against the spirit of this forum, you may be actioned for it, even if there's no specific rule saying it's disallowed.

    We'd strongly prefer not to take action against anyone for anything, though, and will do our very best to make sure that never has to happen. But ultimately, that's up to you. So just try not to be a troll, or a flamer, or a l33t h@x0r, or a Captain Bringdown, and everything will be A-OK. Sound good? Good!

    Have fun, and enjoy the forums, everybody!
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