Xseed doesn't fix bugs and just keep making games

Discussion in 'I H8 XSEED' started by tekkaman, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. tekkaman

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    Bugs I have found in Trails in the Sky SC.
    1-Movies don't play in XP unless you install K-lite Mega Codec Pack. I'm pretty sure this bug didn't happen in the Japanese version

    2- In the part when you have to get a gospel(chapter8) the machine asks you some questions. I thought the game was frozen because I couldn't answer with the gamepad. It's a miracle I discovered it has to be with the mouse. For some reason the gamepad stops working in those questions.

    3-The most annoying one is when the characters stop moving when you're inside the Glorious ship. This bug has been around since 2015 and it still isn't fixed. I can't explore the ship without worrying the characters will freeze.

    I hate when companies just keep putting out games and never finish the other games. I call "bugs" unfinished games.
  2. uyjulian

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    It's because the movie files use a newer codec, so they won't play on older OS.

    Besides, why are you still using XP? You better not have that machine connected to the Internet.
  3. Donj0

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    By that logic, I'm not sure if a single game has ever been finished...
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    This is definitely an issue in the Japanese version, and Falcom themselves has acknowledged it, too. If you look at the config menu for the Japanese version, you can see the same option to turn off videos as well.


    You mention the issue regarding movement in the 2015 version as well? That was well before XSEED released the game, and that would be an issue from Falcom. And by this point, Falcom had stopped their PC game development. I think Falcom even stopped doing regular reissues of their PC titles by this point, even.

    I can understand that there are issues that haven't been resolved yet with the game, but I would also think that there may be, as Kondo has said about Falcom, a human resources issue on multiple fronts here. I believe that SC still does get updates as things get tweaked here and there, however.
  5. Wyrdwad

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    I can confirm that Sara still looks into SC issues regularly. This is one I hadn't personally heard of until reading this topic, but I'm guessing Sara's on it already. And if not... well, I'll pass it along!

    Sorry for the trouble.

  6. Sara

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    We keep fixing bugs all the time! About the codec issue, there's a codec included right there with the game that the game is supposed to use. On some systems, it appears that this fails to work, but I had to use a new codec in order to properly implement higher-quality videos without increasing size considerably, as the original game simply uses MPEG. MPEG itself, as noted, is prone to issues, though, especially since various other softwares will override Windows' basic MPEG support (DVD software being one of the more obvious examples). Believe me, though, I actually have used an XP system for much of my time developing the English versions as it is -- I had to for technical reasons, and I preferred XP myself until quite recently!

    About the character collision issue in the Glorious, this sort of thing is actually a complex issue with the math the game uses to calculate such matters and effects the Japanese version for some users as well. I've got a lot of trouble fixing these particular kinds of issues, as much as I hate to say it. That may be one I can't do much about, even though I'd really like to.

    As for the issues with certain uncontrollable prompts on gamepads, this has been something I've been doing ongoing work on over time as well. I made some fixes to this with 3rd (which were retroactively ported back to SC) but I still haven't managed to fix that particular prompt yet. The issue is related to font size and the fact that the gamepad code works by moving the mouse cursor to specific spots on the screen; the original code never accounted well for changes in font size, or the fact that it would be used in widescreen, and these have both been challenges I've had to deal with as I've worked on the English versions.

    I have a lot of other projects on my plate at times, which is why these things don't get a closer eye sooner, but they stay on my radar. I'm very sorry for you trouble, but I continue to monitor these forums as well as the Steam forums and do work on these things actively. Please try not to be so antagonistic about it. If you present these things more constructively, we can all move along better. When you state things in the way you have, it makes you look like you are trying to spread ill will. We are always doing our best, and we fix bugs much more actively than many developers to the point that I've been supporting Trails FC with fixes and improvements actively for something like 3 years now!
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    You literally stole the words from my mouth :p
  8. Clessy

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    I'd hardly call having to have modern codecs installed as "glitch" or even an issue. Who doesn't keep their codecs uo to date. Even on Xp machines I always keep the last klite mega codec pack installed.
  9. tekkaman

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    1-I posted a link to the Steam forum mentioning the bug about the characters getting stuck in November 2015.
    The reason it's annoying it's because it happens in chapter 6 and chapter 8. Almost at the end of the game. If it would happen at the beginning of the game I could wait for an update. But happening at the end of the game it almost feels like it was left there under the rug and hopefully no one will notice. And now you basically say it can't be fixed.

    2- Now the FMV problem. It's been years since I last used a codec pack. Games usually handle the videos by themselves and you don't have to install any codec even on XP. While it's not a big issue, having codec packs can interfere with other games which is why since I use pot player for movie watching I let the games play the FMV by themselves. I never install any codec. Just because the option to turn the FMV off is there in the japanese version it doesn't mean the japanese version necessarily have bugs. I never had any problem even with the old Win 98 version of Ys Complete that had the option. And I see no advantage changing the codec of a few minutes video from Mpeg to Mp4(Xvid). I mean how many GB's can you save doing that ?

    In any rate. I think the most important issues are the characters stuck glitch and the gamepad not working in certain areas. Sorry if I sounded with ill will like you said. But this is an rpg and you can't stop to wait months or years for updates when you're so far in the game or else you'll forget where or what you're supposed to go next.

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  10. uyjulian

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    If you are stuck, you can reload from an auto-save.
    If you can't use a gamepad, you can use a wireless keyboard/mouse.

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