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    Even though I may not post a lot on these forums (I've been lurking around ever since the old forums' times!) I recently had the lucky chance of going to Los Angeles for the E3. The first thing I did when they opened the show floors on wednesday was look for XSEED's booth, and they did not disappoint!

    WARNING - Lots of pictures/videos incoming (because that's how much I love XSEED!)


    Corpse Party Blood Drive

    (Hi Tom!)

    Quite honestly I'm not a big fan of the series. I've played the first one on psp a few years ago and kept getting bad ends on the last chapter. It frustrated me a lot having to replay and replay that and kinda left it there. I mentioned this to Tom, who pretty much told me this game spoils the ending of Book of Shadows rather quickly.

    Moving around the game felt right, but because it's a bit of a story-centered, and isn't that scary to play while surrounded of lots of people with all the noise and brightness around (it didn't help this one was a bit on a corner lol) it wasn't as appealing to try as the other titles. Also to be honest the loading times were a bit on the long side.

    I asked Tom if they had any news to share about the PC version of Corpse Party. I have a friend that's too much into PC gaming and has been expecting the game for a while now, so any news I could get were mainly for him. Unfortunately, Tom mentioned how the game was coded in a strange language and basically were having troubles for it. Also stated that the game was still slated for release this 2015, but couldn't guarantee anything.

    PopoLoCrois a Story of Seasons Fairytale


    Tom explained to me that this game was a crossover between the manga/anime series of PopoLoCrois and the Story of Seasons series. He said it was reminiscent of classic RPGs. While the main story may last 20-30 hours, the exploration and farming elements could extend the gameplay time for much longer.

    Even though I didn't get to play it for long, it was a game full of charm and vivid environments. The battle system was the classic turn-based party with a little grid to move around and attack with weapons or spells. Reminded me a bit of the one in the Trails series, but without as much depth.

    Also, Tom the goodies-giver handed me these after playing around with the games for a bit!


    Thank you very much!

    Earth Defence Force


    These are definitely the games that gave me the strongest impression of all. They're really fun! So much that I played them on day one and then again on the second day of E3! Blasting the giant insects with the different weapons and classes gave it some variety. The controls are smooth and work (even though I felt rotating the camera was a bit slow) and the shooting is so satisfying. Something I didn't like was how clearing the enemies on one area led to a waiting period in-between where you had to walk to where more enemies where. Just a picky complain of mine, this can vary depending on the speed of your class and may be helpful to reload your weapons or pick fallen items left behind by the bugs. But at some point you'll be rolling around your way for more action haha!

    I have to recommend the PS4 one (4.1, right?) as I felt it run better, looked better, and most importantly, handled more enemies on screen, but the Vita version is not bad by any means! I don't remember well who was attending this section (I think it was Jason but I'm not entirely sure) but he gave me good tips and advise that helped me grasp the game better. I died while using the huge one with the sword that was slow, sigh... and I felt so unstoppable I didn't see my HP.

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


    The hype inside me rose up as I watched the TV in front of me display what just some weeks ago would be merely the dream of a lunatic. Emotions dwelling inside me urged me to to raise and sway my arms in happiness, tremble in uncertainty, cry tears of joy, squeeze my chest as if I had a heart attack, and much more, all at once.

    Trails was back and this time more alive than ever! It felt surreal to see what I believed was a game that I'd pass along to my grandchildren to play for me (just kidding!) and of course it was the first thing at E3 I wanted to experience more than anything! I selected normal since I didn't want to die lol. The one attending this was Brittany (it was her, right?) and she helped me pick things up. It was a bit awkward for me to listen a bit about the series since I already had some prior knowledge (after all, I've read the localization blog and been catching up with any news from the forums since a long time ago!)

    The demo itself was a bit short and since I've played Trails in the Sky (like 3 times already lol) I was a bit familiar with the mechanics and know-hows of the combat system. I was a bit upset that I couldn't get to use the guy with the shotgun (Brittany told me the name of the entire cast but so far I can only remember Rean and Sarah. I'm sorry!) but the other guys weren't bad at all. I mentioned if the robotic enemies (archaisms?) were the same as those found in the final dungeon of FC, and yup, they were. Also pointed out how one of the girls had the same spell as Leonhardt, silver thorns.

    Well, after beating the demo (time really goes by fast when having fun...) I inquired Brittany about the status of SC. I don't think I got as much information as there is already out there, since she said it was to be out before Trails of Cold Steel and the release date was only hinted by summer. I also asked if there was a Limited Edition planned for ToCS, and the answer was vague as well, only a "we're considering/discussing/thinking about it." Either way, I'd definitely be buying the game LE or not on day one!

    Some of the games were in early localization process so there was still some japanese text here and there, but wasn't hard to manage around.

    The t-shirts XSEED staff wore were awesome too! Displaying every game they had to show!


    Quite honestly I can't thank XSEED enough for their presence and great lineup of games this year! Definitely made a great and memorable experience at E3 for me! Haha I wanted to ask Tom or Brittany if I could take a picture with them or the staff, but since it was already day 3 and I had visited them like twice a day already, I felt a bit stalker-ish lol.
    I couldn't avoid it, as my inner fanboy senses started tingling up every time I saw their booth!

    Thanks a lot to XSEED for their work and games they're bringing up! Keep up the hard work!

    XSEED's booth as they were closing on day 3


    Some other short videos I took:

    Earth Defence Force 4.1

    Senran Kagura Estival Versus

    Onechanbara Chaos

    Trails of Cold Steel

    (these two were supposed to be one but someone interrupted me asking where Atlus' booth was lol)

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    That's... quite a lot more pics than I took. I think that I only took a pic of the Onechanbara cosplayer (after asking her, of course!)

    But, yeah; their E3 booth was pretty insane this year. I actually didn't notice that the shirts had all the logos on it - that's pretty cool!
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    Great pictures and synopsis. Among all the booths at E3 Marvelous/XSeed would be my most wanted stop. Quality looking set up with all the games.

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