What Movies Have You Watched?

Discussion in 'Anime/Movies Discussion' started by Terro, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Kikki

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    Just watched Leap Year. It's the first romantic comedy I've watched where both the female lead and the male lead were completely unappealing, and never got any better throughout. Not worth watching, imo. I wish the selection on Canadian Netflix wasn't so limited.

    I'm too sick to put up with wading through piles of movies of unknown quality and contents. I should just put Spirited Away or Howl on and forget about finding something new. Old favourites are more comforting anyway.
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  2. AnimeGamer183

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    I watched an odd combination of films yesterday, the first was Moana since I hadnt seen it yet and I honestly liked it a lot. The story was well paced and it got going pretty quickly and I even noticed a good few times it paid homage to older disney films and a blatant one at the end, which was cool, also the songs were well done and memorable.

    The other movie I watched was a 90s thriller called Kiss The Girls with Morgan Freeman, this was a very good movie with a good cast and multiple recognizable actors. Its a story of a serial rapist/abducter/murderer... this character was a real piece of work and multiple women kidnapped, it had many twists and turns and detective/thriller style story did not disappoint. There is actually a sequel to it called a long came a spider and some how I saw that one first then finally watched this one and I think I actually like this one better, the characters seemed more motivated and solid.
  3. Terro

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    Not too too many movies lately:

    -Mom and Dad (Nick Cage craziness)
    -Happy Death Day (enjoyed this way more than I had thought!)
    -Alita: Battle Angel (best anime/manga adaption yet! Here's hoping for a sequel...)
    -Batman and Harley Quinn (like a mord mature Animated Series with some... interesting parts)
    -Captain Marvel (was ok, not my favorite Marvel, and wasn't a fan of the lead's performance)

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