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  1. MrDetective

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    Lawndale, United States
    - Finished Edna and Meebo's crucibles. Had some troubles, but doable. Wondering if I should focus on buffing Edna's magic artes and sacrifice her physical artes stats... :p
    - Wind trial was surprisingly shorter and more simple than the other trials. Did they run out of ideas?
    - OMG! I am getting sick of these ruins looking all the same. Was at Ganglen Ruins and I seriously got lost after beating the mini boss. Everywhere looks the same and I can't remember which places I have been to and haven't! :mad: Probably spent at least 15 minutes or so trying to navigate my way out because there was no way to tell which way I was going. Sometimes, I forgot which way I was going after a battle because everything looked the same! Did the previous games have dungeons like this or am I suffering from memory loss? :eek:
    - Enemies in this ruins were no joke, though. I let my guard down a few times and got KO'ed - game over twice. Had to fight the troll once again because I died from status ailments. Well, I had 10 KOs the first time, so fighting it the second time was okay. :rolleyes:
    - Nothing about Camlot Bridge makes any sense... How do these civilians navigate with these hellions rampaging the place? There's a giant Kraken blocking the bridge and no one sees or feels anything?
    - I feel like my Lailah might be underpowered compared to others. She's been using old equipments for awhile now. But all of her new equipments give her lower stats. Whut?
    - Even until now, I'm not sure how to cast higher level artes by holding down O, for chars like Edna or Mikleo. Magic users are tricky to use. :confused:

    Is the game that short that you can beat it in just one day or are you just insanely good at it? :eek:
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    Got my first ending in Steins;Gate Elite...
    Dammit Suzuha, you had one job... get me an IBN 5100!!
    Okay, onto the next ending, Faris Nyan-Nyan!!
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    I got most of the way through the day before, but then decided to start over to earn more red orbs. I started a bit before noon and finished sometime at night. These games are never particularly long though. The idea is that people will replay them to get all the skills and stuff and get better stage rankings. Standard difficulty is pretty easy compared to standard in something like the Bayonetta games if you've played those, but there are multiple higher difficulties you can unlock if you're a masochist, haha.
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    I am at a crossroads, but for me there is only one path.

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