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  1. WOOO

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    If Acquire ever makes WOTS5, I'd like to see features like:

    • Endings for Musashi's Four Ways in which men pass through life:
    as gentlemen, farmers, artisans and merchants. (Samurai are gentlemen.)

    • Being able to walk off the path and across terrain.

    • Better parts and weapon organization, like:
    - multiple weapon select for disassembling and extracting
    - when creating a weapon, a way to search all three charm columns at once

    • Access to all clothes & hair, regardless of gender

    • Notification when your Faction wins or loses online

    • Better domestic life options that can improve: a home, friends, wife, etc.

    • A more immersive Japanese experience, like:
    - accurate conversational Japanese language
    - accurate historical references

    • Unlock for different eras, locations and previous WOTS versions

    There's tons of stuff I think of but can't bring to mind now.If they hired me I'm sure it'd help.

    Please add your thoughts to what Way of the Samurai 5 should have.
  2. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    I think WOTS 5 should also have…

    Aside from the crime rate, a player's opportunities could be modified by Karma.
    - Good karma comes from selfless actions that help others or the community.
    - Protecting the innocent, Leaving gifts at shrines, using the blunt edge of your weapon, finishing jobs,
    giving food and money to people in need all increase your good karma.

    - Bad karma comes from selfish actions that hurt others or the community.
    - Stealing, breaking objects, killing, ignoring others in need, not finishing jobs, good decrease your karma,

    Karma affects the player's chances for all interactions with a variable outcome:
    Fishing, gambling, found items, parts, the quality of purchased items, fighting and dating.

    …what if certain names of avatars, weapons and styles were lucky or unlucky.

    More learned and developed skills, such as physical strength, interpersonal, charisma, tactical knowledge, job skills, etc.

    Open Terrain
    Way of the Samurai 5 should be an open environment that you can walk anywhere in, like Grand Theft Auto 5.

    The Samurai should be able to get a house and get married, as in WOTS 3.
    Have partners or spouses with online factions as well as certain NPCs.
    Online faction partnering could take place in a mini game or side mission.
    Partnering could unlock certain items.

    More un-lockables.

    Easter Eggs like secret paths to previous versions of WOTS, or weird production trivia.

    Easy screen capture
    Maybe from the profile or save screen, and an editor to crop and save the image.

    Images of avatars, weapons and transition scenes could then be hung as wall art in the Dojo,
    Consulate, Ship, school, or wherever posters, framed art or scrolls are hung.

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