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    (うたわれるもの?, lit. "The One Being Sung") is a Japanese adult tactical role-playing visual novel by Leafwhich was released on April 26, 2002 for Windows. A PlayStation 2 version was developed by Sting, and released byAquaplus on October 26, 2006. Utawarerumono was later ported to PlayStation Portable on May 28, 2009. Two Internet radio programs based on Utawarerumono aired on the Oto Izumi broadcast station. Three manga adaptations were published by ASCII Media Works. A 26-episode anime adaptation aired in 2006 and is licensed in North America byFunimation. Three OVA episodes were later produced by Aquaplus and Chaos Project, released between 2009 and 2010.

    Utawarerumono features a tactical role-playing battle system that centers on the player moving a group of characters through a square-based grid during turn-based battles in order to achieve an objective. The objective of the battle, displayed in the upper-right hand corner the screen when viewing the actions available for a specific character, consist of the player either defeating any number of enemies or moving one or all characters to a specific location. During each character's turn, the player may choose to have the character move, attack, or cast magic, of which only moving and attacking can be performed in succession, in that order. When a character attacks an enemy character, the player is given a chance to add additional attacks should he or she time his or her mouse click by clicking while a yellow circle is present on screen that disappears shortly after appearing. The number of attacks that the player can add to a character's attack is based on that character's current "technique" skill, and the maximum varies based on the character. After adding a certain number of attacks to the character will perform a special finishing attack should they have the required abilities. As characters defeat enemies and participate in battle, they gain battle points at the end of battle which are used to "pay" for increasing the character's abilities.
    Utawarerumono is a story centering around the masked protagonist, Hakuoro, who one day is found by a family of two girls and their grandmother in a nearby forest close to their village. He is badly injured and is soon found to have amnesia, so they take him to their home and treat him until he is well again. Hakuoro is soon accepted into their village where he stays and lives with them, but before long Hakuoro finds that life in this village is being oppressed by the greedy emperor who rules over the country their village resides in. Soon after, these negative actions taken towards their village result in him leading a rebellion against the emperor of the country which later lands him to become emperor of a vast new country which is named Tusukuru, after the grandmother of the two girls who helped save his life.

    After becoming emperor and things begin to calm down, Hakuoro soon finds out that peace is hard to maintain and finds himself constantly in battle in order to protect the peace of his country and his people. Eventually, he is led into many bloody battles in order to fight for the freedom of all those residing in Tusukuru. Along the way, Hakuoro meets several other strong warriors from several other countries and tribes who are fully accepted into Hakuoro's growing family. Many moments of hardship and laughter ensue as time continues but with Hakuoro leading the way, all others are confident in his ability to lead.

    The story's genre is at first a fantasy-style story with heavy Ainu influence, though later develops science fiction themes towards the end. It first appears to take place in a fantasy world full of magical beings and new species of humans, but it is later revealed that it takes place in Earth's distant future.

    While i see the chance of seeing XSEED really considering this very small due to the first game I really want to pull attention to it. The first game has a feasible PC version (albeit adult rated with a fan translation patch) but the second and third game have a Vita, PS3 and PS4 version.
    I propose this series not because of the combat, which is only a leeway towards the dialogue as its visual novel roots with it's main strength having very strong world building, lore and female characters. It certainly is a niche but from what i have seen it can create a very stable fan base builded upon the anime adaptations that garnished a big fan base by encapsulating the hearts of people with the adaptations of the first and second game.
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    Atlus already has ties to Aquaplus though, with Aquapazza (which features Uta characters in it) and Tears II. They would be the best bet.
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    While that is true to extent they do not seem to be doing a lot with them after Tears II
    Not that i expect anything, XSEED already has so much on their plate and it doesn't seem to be in their genre. Then again it might pique someone's interest at the office.

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