Translated & Localized Ost Tracklists For Trails In The Sky Fc, Trails In The Sky Sc, And Trails Of

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    I spent some time translating and localizing the track lists for the three Kiseki games that have been brought over. My goal was to: 1., get everything translated into English; 2., give each track a coherent title; and 3., make the vocabulary and terminology match-up with XSEED's localizations.

    And I thought I'd share.

    I can't remember what terms XSEED used exactly for some areas, so please feel free to make corrections. (IE cities have titles, like "Verdant City Bareahard," which I don't always remember, since they're only on-screen very briefly).


    I've also included two links for each of the relevant soundtracks: one for the page on so that you can buy the music if you so wish; the other for the page on so you can see the Japanese track list, should you so wish.

    Anyway, here it is. I don't like my digital music segregated into "discs," so I don't reset the track numbers (ever), but I did go ahead and mark which tracks are on which disc for those that care.



    (Disc 1)
    01. Trails in the Sky
    02. The Whereabouts of Light (Short Harmonica Version)
    03. Road of Departure
    04. The Provincial City, Rolent
    05. Rock on the Road
    06. Sophisticated Fight
    07. Crush Them!
    08. The Tetracyclic Towers
    09. Under the Moonlight
    10. The Cat Relaxing in the Sun
    11. Secret Green Passage
    12. Within the Heart
    13. Tour of Liberl
    14. The Commercial City, Bose
    15. Defending the Borders ain't Easy
    16. Amber Love (Humming Version)
    17. Amber Love (Lute Version)
    18. Steel that Blocks the Way
    19. We're the Capua Family!
    20. Dangerous
    21. Crisis!
    22. The Disappearing Star
    23. The Seaport City, Ruan
    24. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ The Princess' Anguish
    25. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ The Knights' Lament
    26. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ All Our Thoughts
    27. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ The Palace
    28. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ The Colosseum
    29. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ The Duel
    30. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ Death of the Princess
    31. Madrigal of the White Magnolia ~ Grand Finale
    32. Don't Let Him Go!
    33. Pride of Liberl
    (Disc 2)
    34. Creeping Crisis
    35. Wandering in the Dark
    36. The Workshop City, Zeiss
    37. Black Orbment
    38. Peace Borne from Darkness
    39. Leiston Fortress
    40. Conspirators
    41. The Capital City, Grancel
    42. Amber Love (Piano Version)
    43. Grancel Arena
    44. A Challenger Arises
    45. The Royal Palace*
    46. Rescue Operations
    47. Will of Silver
    48. Land of Fading Light
    49. The Ancient Builders
    50. Those Who Protect the Treasure
    51. Let's Get Goin'
    52. Released from the Spell, and then....
    53. The Whereabouts of Light (Long Harmonica Version)
    54. Confession
    55. Resolved to Leave
    56. The Whereabouts of Light
    57. Feelings that Dance with the Wind
    58. The Whereabouts of Light (Full Version)
    59. The Whereabouts of Light (Instrumental Version)

    * Track 45, "The Royal Villa," uses the same kanji as Track 27 for "castle" -- so is one of these for the Erbe Royal Villa? Or are they both for the Imperial Palace in Grancel?


    (Disc 1)
    01. Will of Silver, Wings of Gold (Opening Version)
    02. Welcome to Le Locle
    03. Deafaning Fight
    04. Fighting the Invaders
    05. Feelings that Dance with the Wind (SC Version)
    06. An Obstructive Existence
    07. Sensing Danger Nearby
    08. Gazing up at the Sky
    09. Conspiracy
    10. Returning Home
    11. Visions of a Dream
    12. The Continuing Dream
    13. Lurking Shadows in the Wild
    14. Overwhelming Awe
    15. Infiltration
    16. A Heartless Surprise Attack
    17. The Flying Battleship, Glorious
    18. Etude of Ruin
    19. The Gospel Project
    20. The Quiet Village, Hamel
    21. The Looming Threat
    22. Fate of the Fairies
    23. The Whereabouts of Light (Instrumental Version)
    (Disc 2)
    24. The Veiled Truth
    25. Enforcer
    26. A Fateful Confrontation
    27. The Greatest Treasure Unleashed
    28. The Disappearing City Lights
    29. Will of Silver (Special Arrangement Version)
    30. By the Will of the Goddess
    31. Broken Wings
    32. The Floating City, Liber Ark
    33. Aiming for Tomorrow
    34. The Great Tower, Axis Pillar
    35. A Tomb Pierced by Thunder
    36. The Truth behind the Tragedy
    37. Peripheral Evolution
    38. The Merciless Saviour
    39. Comrades Coming Home
    40. The Whereabouts of Hope
    41. The Whereabouts of Affection
    42. I Swear...
    43. Shrine of Aidios ~ Trails in the Sky
    44. Will of Silver, Wings of Gold (Full Version)


    (Disc 1)
    01. Prelude ~ Turbulent Times
    02. Heartbeats of Tomorrow (Opening Version)
    03. The Academy Town, Trista
    04. Study Time
    05. Afterschool Time
    06. A Moment at Night
    07. Free Days
    08. The Mystery of the Old School Building
    09. Investigation
    10. The Glint of Cold Steel
    11. The Hand that Paves the Way
    12. Back to the Dorm
    13. Abend Time
    14. A Fresh Morning
    15. Railway All the Way
    16. Swordplay
    17. The Trading Town, Celdic
    18. Bustling City
    19. The Sky over a Strange Land
    20. ARCUS Link!
    21. A Troublesome Era
    22. Where Spirits Tread
    23. Blood and Iron
    (Disc 2)
    24. The Verdant City, Bareahard
    25. Travelling the Canyon Road
    26. Specters of Battle
    27. Thoughts of the Future
    28. Strain
    29. That Which Slumbers Beneath
    30. The Sound of Falling Rain
    31. Gleaning Wisdom
    32. Beneath an Empty Blue Sky
    33. Practice Drill
    34. Never Be Defeated...
    35. ...Even when up Against a Wall
    36. A Red Dot
    37. Lonely Journey
    38. The Lands of Deep Blue
    39. The Nomads' Village
    40. A Warm Evening
    41. The Night Sky We Saw
    42. Preparing for War
    43. Into the Abyss
    44. Secret Maneuvers
    45. Elimination Crisis
    (Disc 3)
    46. Seriousness
    47. The Grand Nobles
    48. Earnest Feelings
    49. A Paper-Thin Line of Defense
    50. Refreshing Sunlight
    51. Etude of Twilight
    52. Heartbreak
    53. The Fiery Imperial City, Heimdallr
    54. The Comfort of Home
    55. Sonata Number 45
    56. New Comrades
    57. Stardust Cantata
    58. Lakeside Town, Legram
    59. The Saint's Palace
    60. Garrelia's Great Wall
    61. An Abominable Attack
    62. Belief
    63. Special Class VII
    64. Crimsion Wings ~ A New Wind
    65. The City of Black Steel, Roer
    66. Diner/Bar F
    67. Attack of the Machines
    68. Melodies Fading into Silence
    69. For the World's Sake
    70. Exceed
    (Disc 4)
    71. Not Yet....
    72. School Festival
    73. Breakneck Pace
    74. For Tomorrow
    75. A Great Power
    76. Behold the Flickering Flame
    77. A Situation Obscured
    78. Requiem of Blood and Iron
    79. Song of Illusion ~ Phantasmagoria
    80. Risking Everything, Here we Make our Stand
    81. Unknown Threat
    82. Solstice
    83. The Awakening Legend
    84. Time of Deceit
    85. The Decisive Collision
    86. Our Last, Best Hope
    87. I Miss You

    EDIT: Also thought I'd share the album covers I made up. I like clean album covers w/ just the title of the album & nothing else, big enough to be easily identified as a thumbnail... which is why I don't use the default covers.
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    Honestly, I would love to see a translated tracklist by someone at XSEED
  3. Wyrdwad

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    Well, your wish is at least PARTIALLY our command, as our original Trails in the Sky PSP LE did come with a partial soundtrack CD with localized track names:

    The rest look pretty good, though, SlyLupin. There are some I'd translate differently, to be sure, but nothing looks wrong or sounds particularly odd, at a glance. Nice job!

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    One of the fun (also infuriating) things about translation is that you can get 100 people translating a single sentence 100 different ways. One of my first big translation projects was a German poem that had been translated maybe a dozen different times over the past century. I found a first printing (from 1911, IIRC) and spent months making the most accurate, faithful translation I could. Pondering each line, consulting my professor on every other word.

    And when I was done, I found copies of four different translations to compare it to... and they were all *wildly* different. (Both from my translation, *and* each other).

    Anyway, I've made a couple of corrections to some dumb mistakes in the FC and SC lists. Basically, I forgot the term "Tetracyclic" for the towers (FC track 8); and the name of the play for the "Magrigal of the White Magnolia" (FC tracks 24-31); you may (or may not) notice that I changed several of the "engrish" titles for things that flowed better... IE "I Swear..." (SC track 42) got changed to "This I Vow..." because of the connotations of that verb in English... despite "I swear" being the first two words of the song.

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    I wonder why Falcom decided to leave Sen no Kiseki's soundtrack untranslated on iTunes. Almost every other one (besides Sen II and the SAV) they at least tried to translate the tracks to some degree.

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