To Love-Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy (Psv)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by akito666, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. akito666

    akito666 New Member

    Guild of Lurking Knights
    "Ultra pleasant harem action" game coming May 22.


    I will definitely buy this game, localized or not! If localized before I buy the Japanese version, I will buy the North American version. If localized afterwards, I will buy both versions! Of course, I refuse to pay 7000 yen for it though. I look forward to a cheaper price tag in Hong Kong! Since I am not buying it at launch, chances are the price will be cheaper. If the price isn't cheaper, I will have no choice but to buy it as it is. Hopefully, it will be cheaper by $20.. I want the Limited Edition and the original maid costume! :)
  2. SquatDingloid

    SquatDingloid New Member

    I move to have this game never localized, and would strongly encourage the court to hassle the UN on expanding scientific research to develop a way that we can travel back in time and stop it's development. It is a noble endeavor and any arguments over funding can be negated by considering the moral cost we would be in debt to by not acting on this. Thank you,
  3. Kintoki

    Kintoki New Member

    Lol, I saw a chapter of the manga for this once in Japan, and was like, "Wow, I didn't even know they could print stuff this explicit." but turns out just about everything in the seinen category is like that, haha.
  4. bigstew00

    bigstew00 New Member

    I love this series and just completed this game on normal, since this is an original story I would like to know what they said, pretty fun and frustrating at higher levels especially when you are trying to get s grade for challenges, about 30 hours to beat if you are going for the level 30 ending, wish their was more meat to the game but pretty good if your a fan of the series, I started a bad howto guide on gamefaqs for those who get the game and want to know some basics, if its cheap enough, this would be kinda cool to get brought over though they might charge an arm and a leg on licensing
  5. MasterNemesis

    MasterNemesis New Member

    I have the Limited Edition.
    The Game is pretty fun if you love the series.
    I wouldn't praise it as a really good game but it's not bad at all.
  6. h2foxo

    h2foxo New Member

    Not another anime tie in that i want
  7. MasterNemesis

    MasterNemesis New Member

    The game itself doesn't require much time to complete it.
    But it does make fun to play it.
    And the fact that Rito is the "stumble harem god"
    is also good represented in the game thehehehehe X3

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