Things You'd Like To See In The Next Rune Factory Game?

Discussion in 'Rune Factory Series' started by Silmina, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Silmina

    Silmina New Member

    Eastern US
    One of the things I've always loved about this series is how the developers never rest on their laurels, but always strive to one-up their previous efforts. In that spirit, what are some ideas or improvements you'd like to see in the next Rune Factory game? Here are some of mine:

    1. Give NPCs a limited inventory and allow players to manually change or take back their equipment. Also allow the player to give them food and potions so they can heal themselves in combat. And let the player give them Rune Abilities or spells to use.

    2. Add an option to the lumber/material stone bin that allows you to put in all of them in your backpack at once.

    3. The random event system is great and keeps things fresh in day-to-day play, except for the fact that marriage and the third story arc are tied to it. Make important events like those have set criteria to trigger, but keep everything else as-is.

    4. Allow the player to pick which items' stats will be transferred when crafting to avoid needless save scumming.

    5. If there are two kinds of items lying on the ground near the player and the player has one item type in hand, make it so that the cursor defaults to targeting the item the player is already carrying.

    6. Make people stop saying lines that no longer apply, such as characters asking if you found someone special yet when you're married with a kid. Or better yet, change them into lines that are more appropriate. It just doesn't make sense for Dylas to keep asking Frey to be his friend when she's married to him and the mother of his child -.-;

    7. Let your spouse and child(ren) do something to help out around the farm, and have the child(ren) take after your spouse in more ways, especially their appearance. It would be even better if you could have two children so you can have both a son and daughter.

    8. Include more outfits, and change the characters' portraits when they're worn. Maybe have NPCs comment on them sometimes.

    9. Have an optional grid system for furniture to make placement easier, and give more options for customizing the player's house.

    10. Have an option or at the very least an event for your family to take a bath together. It's silly, but I always wanted to do that xD

    11. Stop making random treasure chests be destroyed by attacks. Please.

    12. Make little events for birthdays and anniversaries the way HM does.

    13. Change the dialogue for dates after you get married.

    14. Allow Protein, Vital Gummi, Heart Drink, Intelligencer, and Levelizers to be consumed instantly the way potions are, instead of taking several seconds to eat.

    15. Bring back item trading and multiplayer in Sharance Labyrinth. Allow for online multiplayer and not just local multiplayer.

    16. Make friends and family of characters you marry have special dialogue regarding that. For example, if you marry Forte, have Kiel worry about Lest's health because of her cooking, and talk about Luna/Noel as his nephew/niece.

    17. Characters give different gifts on your birthday, and people you're dating give you different/better presents than they do as friends. Maybe they could change their gifts again after marriage.

    18. Streetpass and Spotpass functionality.

    19. Ability to load from a save diary.

    And on a random note...can the auto-capitalization of topic titles be turned off, or at the very least amended so that it doesn't capitalize things it shouldn't (ie articles and prepositions)?
  2. shymel

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    East Cost USA
    I want nine so bad. A grid system would be so helpful.
  3. sorenman1

    sorenman1 New Member

    It would be nice to see the other townspeople's monsters instead of just during the buddy battles.
  4. Tsuko85

    Tsuko85 New Member

    10. just don't cut anything out, make such a scene as detailed as possible!
  5. GaleforceTG

    GaleforceTG New Member

    Silmina more or less summed it up. Now, to discuss possibilities of MP...
  6. DreamLH

    DreamLH New Member

    Remake of RF1 or have Raguna be in the next Wii U Rune Factory game.

    Either that, or have a character customization Rune Factory game, where you're able to connect to the internet and go to other peoples towns and go through dungeons together etc.
  7. Xaander

    Xaander New Member

    I'd be happy with anything that is even remotely like Rune Factory Frontier. That game was such a creative and artistic masterpiece.
  8. Kintoki

    Kintoki New Member

    Regarding number 9, I'd be happy if they just took a page out of Animal Crossing: New Leaf's book, and let you rotate things "furniture" looks so damn awkward, lol. My 2 year old nephew could do a better job at interior design than this.

    Also, a suggestion, never play RF4 and AC keep getting the buttons confused between games, and it's caused no end of frustration.
  9. Tsuko85

    Tsuko85 New Member

    Something nice to see would be names not limited to 6 or 7 letters

    I can't name Ambrosia, Ambrosia when I tame it
  10. Triforcehermit

    Triforcehermit New Member

    The Great Palace
    #3 I can't agree with enough.
    #13 was done in Rune Factory 3

    New Game+ option should be like it was in Tales of Abyss/Symphonia. You can choose what you want transferred. I only want my items, money, and recipes transferred, not everything else. I don't even understand why recipes don't transfer. If you do NG+, chances are your rich and can go buy tons of Recipe Bread and have them all back. Its just very tedious.

    More post-game content. I need something besides Sharance Maze. I would be all for a DLC that covers more story and content.

    Have unique dating spots like in Rune Factory 3 instead of just going to places in town.
  11. Kainsy

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    United Kingdom
    Being released in Europe. :rolleyes:

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