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    I cannot say this enough over how much the community and I appreciate the hard work you guys put in to localization efforts.

    I can't say I know enough over how all this is worked out, but I can bet it's not an easy process and the time and dedication towards all of it, like this game for instance, can be huge. That's why I want to say on my behalf that despite all that, I think its well worth it.

    Being exposed to the Trails series has been a wonderful ride and I wish to share this with as many passionate players like myself so they too share the same wonderful experience as I.

    With that being said:

    I'm happy for the opportunity to be able to play this third title on PC and will look forward to the Cold Steel series on PC later this year!

    Thank you and I pray for your guys continued success! (^▽^)

    PS: Just want to let you guys know, I own a lot of the same titles on different platforms you guys released to show you my support ^.^ <8

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