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Discussion in 'Fate/EXTELLA' started by Clessy, Feb 1, 2017.

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    The box is very nice on the collectors edition so let me just start by saying the quality isnt an issue of concern. This is nitpicky but, I hate the Xseed isnt mentioned on the front of these games. It only shows Marvelous's name. I personally don't buy games to support Marvelous, i'm buying them because they're Xseed translated and tagged products. I know by support Marvelous i'm indirectly supporting Xseed as Marvelous is the parent company but, I think Marvelous should know that I believe more game sale based on the high quality reputation of the Xseed brand than them as a parent company. Just my 2 cents on the matter. Really would like to see Xseed on more front covers.

    However on another note of packing. Its nice I really do like the collectors edition however, can we get some sort of standardization for these LE. Its a mess trying to figure out how to even display or organization Limited editions. I personally wish we could get them down to the uniform size of a normal vita case except maybe thicker out in the back and maybe a clear plastic hard slide cover around them to prevent shelf ware.
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    Remember, XSEED Games is just a brand -- we are officially Marvelous USA, Inc., and have been for a long time now. So when we localize any game that's owned by Marvelous Japan, we feature only the Marvelous logo on the front of the box, whereas when we localize a game that's NOT owned by Marvelous, we feature only the XSEED logo. That's pretty much the standard.

    As for box sizes, there's not really a standard that would work because the contents of the box typically determine its size -- so every LE is different, depending on the size and shape of the LE items contained within it. We could standardize the size of those items from one game to the next, but... well, what would be the fun in that? ;)

    Not trying to discount your feedback, though -- we appreciate it, and I'll make sure it's passed along!

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    New York
    I would just like to add my appreciation for this LE. The box was really nice, and I really like the material the cards are made out of.

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