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    Hello ppl.
    first of all sorry for the bad english. i'am not american.

    well i'm here just to say few words
    first of all thx marvelous for this magnfic game and series called rune factory.
    only 3 games in my whole life just have make me fell like this one.

    its not only a game its an art-piece. the character, the plots, the gameplay , THE FEELING MAN.
    i really got hard feelings with this one. (and i'am 25 yeras old+)

    this topic its to support you all i've heard notiuces of marvelous closing and all that. but i dont know if they were right or just rumors on the net. and sorry if its not allowed to post this here. but i need to say DONT STOP MAKING THIS SERIES LIKE MANY OTHER GAMES YOU AND XSEED HAVE.

    well cared games. for well cared customers.

    and also like tons of fans like me already may have asked.
    well who knows maybe it work.

    there will be a REAL SEQUENCE for rune factory?
    i would expect it . and buy it at the same time. whatever the price.

    thx for reading sorry for the bad english again and sorry if i broke any forum rule.

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