Rune Factory 5?

Discussion in 'Rune Factory Series' started by KatieLW19, Dec 9, 2014.

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    It would probably be physical

    Switch is still new unlike the PSP which had been out for several years by the time Xseed started bringing over games for it not to mention its Nintendo’s only current console that can connect to TVs

    It would be cool if Rune Factory 4 Special ties in to Rune Factory 5 somehow like Rune Factory 5 having an option to import the save from RF4S to give the player a easier time early on in the game

    I wonder what sort of preorder bonus Rune Factory 5 will have

    It would be neat if there was DLC for extra characters from past RF games that the player’s character could marry
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    Rune Factory 5, certainly the announcement that has the most hyped me in nintendo live.
    I went to RF4 about a week ago on my 3ds and told me that it was a shame that it was the last so that was good. And I regret not being able to play it on my switch.

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