Recent Bugs I Have Fallen Into. [Spoilers Maybe?]

Discussion in 'Corpse Party Series' started by InochiPM, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. InochiPM

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    So i just got past Ch6 and im crying lmao but no.
    During chapter 5 i think it was. i was playing the whole part with kuon and when she went to go open the door it crashed my vita, and it would not let me use that save file i had because every time kuon opened the door it would go to the loading screen then crash my vita it only happened when i got the bad end there forcing me to delete the save file and the restart that whole chapter.

    Theres also a glitch that causes the tripwires to not appear even when the flashlight is on and shining on them fully. walking through the hallways taking random massive damage from an invisible trip wire i should of been able to see from the beginning of the hallway with the flashlight but it didn't even show.

    There also in the redhelm bugs where they swing their ax at the ground and im far away from them but somehow it still hits me no matter where i was in the room.

    Now i fund one where i cant advance in 4 it makes my vita freeze up every time and i have to forcefully restart my vita.

    why is this game so glitchy/buggy ? D:
  2. Wyrdwad

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    The game is undeniably rather glitchy, but... none of these are issues I've ever heard reported before, nor has anyone at XSEED ever experienced any of them. I would suggest writing in to with the details from this post, along with the following information:

    - What version of the game you're playing (physical game card, or digital PSN download)
    - Whether or not you patched the game before playing it
    - Whether you're playing on a PSTV or a regular Vita, and what model Vita if it's the latter

    We can then pass this information along to the developers to have these problems looked into.

    And either way, I'm very sorry for the trouble!


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