Question about a certain "Plothole" in SC (Spoiler)

Discussion in 'The Legend of Heroes Series' started by Gambio, May 4, 2019.

  1. Gambio

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    In SC during the Attack on Grancel Dorothy takes some Pictures of the Fight between the Jaegers and the ID

    Obviously she shouldn't be able to do so given the whole Orbal Shutdown Phenomenon

    I'm curious if anybody as more Information about this. Surely someone must have brought this to Falcoms Attention eventually

    Is this truly just a Plothole or Foreshadowing for something more?
  2. Yotaka

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    If you talk to Nial during Chapter 8, he mentions that it's rough going without orbments but he has some ideas and is going to talk to the Queen about them. Combine this with some extremely odd phrasing that he uses in the Japanese script which didn't quite carry into the localization (he tells her to 'keep shooting until the agreed time' or words to that effect) and it sounds like he was able to temporarily get his hands on one of the ZFGs, whether it was part of the original sixteen or if they were able to make a few more in the interim. We know that Professor Russell was working on a larger ZFG for the Arseille during the events of the Chapter so it's also possible they got the parts from him.
  3. Gambio

    Gambio New Member

    I see, interesting.

    I tought about a spare ZFG, but since there was no mention of anything of that sort, i didn't tought it very likely.

    Thanks for the Info.
  4. Erpy

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    I believe Nial's quote was "Ah, the hell with it! Dorothy! Make with the camera! Shoot and shoot until we can't stuff film in there anymore!". Meaning Dorothy's camera used old-fashioned film instead of photo quartz.

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