Psp To Ps3 Remasters Whats Your View And Understanding Of It?

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  1. jd20dog

    jd20dog New Member

    im curious to see what both private users and corprate thoughts on this media is.

    many psp games are compatible of being patched and running on ps3

    i like alot of my old psp games but cant really play them much any more without adverse health issues stoping all the fun

    porting them to a ps3 on the other hand make them much more enjoyable for more repectable time again

    japan has gotten this nice service with many psp games being rereleased on ps3 as psp remasters, often with little to no parts of the game itself being touched..just a change in its install permitions and system id to allow it to install and run inside the ps3 witch has a built in psp emulator in its software on ALL ps3 models

    japan has gotten games like this such as trails in the sky second chapter, ultimate monster hunter 3 tri, and quite a few more

    its is simmilar to the ps2 emulator in alll ps3 models(bc consoles only use the ps2 chipset for disk based ps2 games, not psn ps2 classics, this is why the pN2 games work on all ps3 systems)


    dont get mad at this, it is being used as my proof of concept for this post and is not intended to be used in a bad way tword xseeds, falcom or sony playstation branch
    i own physical copys of all the lunar games released in the usa so im using it as an example here with a ps3 i found at a flea market

    yes this is lunar silver star harmony running on a ps3 as a psp remaster, and can be done in as little as an hour from psp umd to this fully functional ps3 game

    ild like to know what others think about gaming companies re releasing theyre psp games for ps3 if it can be made a simple process as this

    i understand some games would need work to patch a few things like graphical glitches and frame rate issues but unlike private devs, game companys have much more access to the games source code to open them without having to reverse engineer every little thing

    anouther awsome point behind psp remasters is ps1 or older games that get psp remakes tend to have widescreen suport natively, so no more black bars on the sides
    lunar ssh is an exilent example to use, as well as rockman dash1/2(megaman legends) and princess crown

    ive kinda run off topic a bit too much, so ill leave it to you guys to tell me what you guys think of this and if you think its a good idea to push companys to bring they psp games to ps3 or tell me how it cant be done becouse of other issues ive not looked in to yet

    before anyone trys to flame me over the lunar on ps3, i was using it to understand what it takes to do this work, i dont like being missled when the replyer hasnt even looked into it before, and i feel having a proof of concept is always good to help people understand whats being descussed

    lunar ssh on ps3 is not an official release of the game and/or it software,though an official psp umd was used for this educational project,and i still own it,.nether sony, xseeds or falcom are asosiated with this poc outside of production of the original psp umd releases and internal ps3 hardware and psp emu, and if lunar ssh gets a ps3 release i will gladdly buy it instantly
    i in no way inted harm to any persons or companies with this
    if im not writing out the disclamer corectly let me know and ill fix it
  2. LeonTekashi

    LeonTekashi New Member

    I think it's a good way for people to play what they have been missing out when the original versions came out. I definitely support it. Although, a bonus would be to include extra stuff that weren't in the original versions.
  3. Clessy

    Clessy Member

    Its a neat little feature and I assume this works the same way on the ps3 as it does on the vita tv.

    I dont know how well the graphics hold up being so low resolution and stretched that big but none the less it sure is convenient for when you're at home.
  4. jd20dog

    jd20dog New Member

    the psp emu is way better in the vita with close to full compatibility with all psp games

    the one in the ps3 has issues with many 3d titles, but most 2d and less intinsive 3d games take to it farrly resonably with frame frate beiing the most comon issues on the ones that work well, but games like gta dont like it at all....with missing graphics(one of the examlpes of games needing internal changes but rockstar has relesed the pN2 versions)but some like rockman dash 2 take to it well with a few odd framerate drops during fmv's here and there

    lunar ssh just works perfectly, audio , graphics, and frame rate all work fine...looks really nice too, better then the psone version by a long shot, still sharp at 1080p, 2d games upscale nicely anyway

    these are games i have on umd
  5. jd20dog

    jd20dog New Member

    as of today, both NA and europe psn have full psp go compatible games unlocked for instalation ps vita

    this includes phantasy star portible 2 for those that have it in theyre dl list from back when it was on psn store
  6. kknd2002

    kknd2002 Member

    PSP was dead in the US years before it died in Japan, so we missed out on a lot of good psp games. I'm all for PS3/vita emulation/remaster if it means that we might have a chance of getting more psp games localized.
  7. MasterNemesis

    MasterNemesis New Member

    IMO I don't think the PS3 Remaster Version of an PSP Game does really look good at all.
    You need to consider that the graphics were adjusted for the PSP.
    So If you remaster this to Full HD TVs I don't think it will look as good as it would look on a PSP.
    Never played one myself so I don't want to judge about it to much.

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