Ps3 Locks Up When I Access The Weapon Safe.

Discussion in 'Way of the Samurai 4' started by FlatheadDog, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    A few months ago I encountered an avatar from online, I don't remember their name.
    I took the avatar's weapon, a katana, and put it in the weapon safe.

    Now, if I look at the weapon safe in any way, at the Dojo or the Blacksmith's, the game console locks up and has to be restarted.

    I had the weapon safe set to sort the weapons by strength, and if I try to re-organize it freezes.
    If I select any weapon it freezes.
    If I try to extract a weapon from the weapon safe, it freezes.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?

  2. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    If you can, please send an email to with this information and as much other detail as you can give (what regional version of the game you're playing, what DLCs you have installed, what model PS3 you're using, etc.) and we'll pass the information along to Acquire to have them try to figure out what's happening to you.

    Very sorry for the trouble!

  3. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    Thanks, Tom.

    I appreciate it.

  4. FlatheadDog

    FlatheadDog New Member

    I created a new avatar, and on his second incarnation he picked up the accursed weapon from my original post on this topic.

    It was an Unbreakable Seraphic Devil.

    It looked odd:
    When my avatar stood next to Unbreakable Seraphic Devil, the weapon name was highlighted an intense magenta, and the weapon stats box was black.

    When I picked it up it went into my weapon sack.
    Now, if I try to select a weapon or sort the contents of my weapon sack, the console freezes.

    I won't say the faction name I got it from because it may not be their doing.

    Have fun, or be safe.

  5. WOOO

    WOOO New Member

    Poison Sword Confirmed!

    Unbreakable Seraphic Devil locks up Sack & Chest!

    So, don't put it in your Weapon Sack or Chest.

    If this katana gets into your weapon safe you will lose all your weapons every time you finish a game.

    Every weapon, every time.

    Last night I encountered two factions that had the accursed Seraphic Devil.

    It looked odd because, as my avatar stood next to the Seraphic Devil, the name box and the weapon info box were darker than normal. The weapon info box had a black background.

    To avoid putting it into my Weapon Sack I dropped my equipped weapons, and then picked up the odd-looking Unbreakable Seraphic Devil.

    I looked at in my Weapons, and the console did not lock up.

    It was named Unbreakable SERAPHIC DEVIL

    Strength 165, Durability 100, Kills 9999, Degradation 94/255

    Triple Big Shot

    The one I picked up said it was created by XxNekoKitsunexX

    The game didn't lock up, so I saved with a new name.

    Then, I put the Unbreakable Seraphic Devil in into the Weapon Sack.

    The game locked up when I accessed the Weapon Sack in any way. I reloaded and tried everything.

    I left it equipped, and:

    1. melted it down for 1 Dojima Steel and 1 Scrap Metal,

    2. sold it for 380,

    3. disassembled it into plain old Seraphic Devil parts.

    Maybe the Acquire guys, or the Xseed guys, or the Marvelous guys can block that weapon on their WOTS4 game server.

    The Great W. O. O. O.

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