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Discussion in 'Earth Defense Force Series' started by Imphobia, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Imphobia

    Imphobia New Member

    I have a weird issue the game doesn't seem to allow me to progress in multiplayer.
    The missions 35-37 have a little warning icon while 36 and 37 are completely greyed out and telling me I need to complete a previous mission. The problem is I did these missions multiple times and nothing seem to change. I even did a few more before at a different difficulty and I got the correct little medals for them but 35-37 still gave me nothing. I have also mission 38 available but it doesn't seem to unlock anymore mission at all after that, not even greyed out.
    Am I going crazy or did I miss something? Also on an unrelated note (Maybe?) the game gives me every so often an error message telling me my save failed but I usually hit retry and it seems to work.

    Edit: Forgot to mention it concerns EDF4.1
  2. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    Whew. I'm honestly not all that up on the EDF games, as I wasn't heavily involved in their localization, so I'm afraid I can't help you on this one. And unfortunately, we're off on our holiday break right now and won't be back in the office until the first week of January -- so I can't ask about it on Monday, either.

    I believe someone will still be checking support emails throughout the break, though, so I might suggest dropping an email to with your issue. I think that would be your best chance to get a timely response on this.

    Sorry I can't be more help!

  3. Imphobia

    Imphobia New Member

    Thanks for the quick answer, I'll send an email.
    Have a good holiday break!
  4. Imphobia

    Imphobia New Member

    I found a work around for anyone who seem to be having problem saving your mission progress. It seems changing the settings before leaving a multiplayer room (in multiplayer) and going back to the title screen (for single mode) force your mission progress to be saved.
    You don't need to do it every times because it seems to be working as intended once your save is "unblocked" but I would still recommend doing it just in case after a long session or a particularly difficult mission or when the message saying your game save has failed start popping up just in case.

    Edit: nm it didn't fix it but i was able to progress for three days but now it's blocked again. Very annoying.
  5. Daikaiser

    Daikaiser New Member


    Please keep us updated on this issue. I'm constantly plagued by save issues both online and offline in this game. Nothing is more frustrating than losing an entire night's progress due to the save functionality failing more often than it should. I'm well aware that I get a prompt to save again when I'm notified that the save failed but it still doesn't save anything.
  6. Grundy

    Grundy New Member

    Game save needs to be fixed! Very frustrating losing a few hours progress.

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