Post Your Favorite Ys Game Ever!

Discussion in 'Ys Series' started by Shizukari, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Fuepepe

    Fuepepe Active Member

    BC, Canada
    Solely because it has more Dogi, tbh. I liked them about the same. :)
  2. DustyStarr

    DustyStarr Well-Known Member

    I kinda go between Ys Oath and Ys II as my favorite.

    Normally I would say Ys II because I LOVE the bump system in that game, and combined with the fire spells and how fast and fluid movement is, it is like some weird high octane 2D action SHMUP at some points, and it's a blast to play. X3 I also love all of the little details in the game, especially in newer versions.

    On the other hand I like the world in Oath a lot; something about it taking place in such a small area with characters who change dialogue a lot, it feels like it's alive and that is something I appreciate.
  3. Trails of Persona

    Trails of Persona Active Member

    VIII definitely had the best story, visuals, and characters, so I think I would give that one my top spot. My second place would be Seven, because before VIII, it was the game where I was more invested in the story and characters than the other games. I liked the older games and their length was nice, but I seem to be in the minority in this forum that enjoys the party system and doesn't mind the switch. That said, while I like VIII, I can agree with the sentiment that Ys games are getting too long. Especially with so many large games this year, having shorter ones can be nice, and that was something that I enjoyed about Ys. If it wasn't for BOTW, Persona 5, and Sky 3rd all being out this year, this game being longer wouldn't have been as big of a deal.
  4. EonStrife

    EonStrife Member

    My first Ys was VI in PS2, but it was many (10+) years ago, and it didn't leave me a particular impression.
    I rediscovered Ys on Oath (in PC) several years ago, and I was immediately hooked up by its difficulty and soundtrack, and it left quite a deep impression for me. Afterward I played the rest of Ys'es (Origin, Seven, 1 + 2, Celceta, and finally VIII). So far my favourite is Oath.

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