Popolocrois (3Ds) Or Luminous Arc Infinity (Vita)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Yamasura, May 4, 2015.

  1. Yamasura

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    I think either game would make good localization candidates for XSEED since both are Marvelous titles, and i notice XSEED has been bringing more and more Marvelous stuff over.

    C'mon XSEED one of these games would be awesome.... Or both ... :D
  2. Ammy175

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    Already have threads for both of them.

  3. Wyrdwad

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    The takeaway from this is, I'm a ridiculously huge fan of the PopoloCrois series, and have devoted much of my adult life to fan-translating, collecting and enjoying it -- and it's the series that inspired me to translate Japanese to English in the first place -- so you can be sure I'm pushing like nobody's business for that game.

    ...I just hope it turns out to be good! The last few games weren't quite up to par with the original Japanese PS1 trilogy. But it seems like creator Yousuke Tamori has been really pushing the series lately, even writing prequel novels to it (as well as a complementary series called "Maya of the Golden Moon"), so I'm hoping this game manages to live up to the high standards of the original games.

    As for Luminous Arc Infinity... that's a series I have much less experience with, so I can't really say much there. But it does look very cool!

  4. keke094

    keke094 New Member

    i'm agreed mr.wyrdwad! ;)
  5. Zaracoatl

    Zaracoatl New Member

    Just wanted to add my support for Popolocrois after watching the trailer. I really hope Xseed will localize Popolocrois. It looks like my type of game.
  6. Soapstone

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    lol, the system admin is wyrdwad, obviously. he is responsible, read his blog about the game. he fansubbed the 2 popolocrois anime series on anime.thehylia.com

    i am actually curious if there is any chance of seeing a remastered release of the psp version of the game, which of course was a compilation of the original 3 psx titles. i would love to see the psp title re-released as a directors cut for the 3ds with the parts cut out of the first and second parts of the game reinserted.

    is xseed likely to do this? i am sure the original psp game is up for purchasing by now, as it was one of the early psp titles, and i dont think the company that released it is really doing anything much anymore. it would be better to give the game's licence to a company that has someone that is willing to release the game the way it was meant to be released.

    i think wyrdwad mentioned that the usa release of the psp game had the cuts that the original version had. i cant say for sure though. i would love to have the 3ds versions of both the psp popolocrois (directors cut) and return to popolocrois games.

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