Please Localize Onechanbara Z2 Chaos For Ps4

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by affinity2244, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. affinity2244

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    XSEED can really have a goldmine and cash cows with this upcoming action masterpiece:

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    [font=Helvetica Neue']http://www.gamekyo.c...a-z2-chaos.html[/font]

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    [font=Helvetica Neue']Here's an example of some skilled timing combos from Z Kagura (which Z2 Chaos appears to adopt and refine)[/font]
    [font=Helvetica Neue']There is a lot of depth to be found in Onechanbara Z Kagura gameplay foundation (and Z2 Chaos is building upon that) [/font]

    [font=Helvetica Neue'][/font]

    Overall the western reaction bases Onechanbara on the BSS/BZS games (which were before the major overhaul of the gameplay
    found in Z Kagura, which didn't make it stateside.) and Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii) was inferior to Bikini Samurai Squad (X360),
    and both markets are not ideal for a bloody and sexy Japanese game like this. So it's western sales were predictable, but
    PS4 consumers are open to all kinds of games, plus the hardware is developer friendly and allows them to do more with it.
    Onechanbara Z2 Chaos can bring to series features to greater levels. Plus this will be the first in the series that supports
    60 frames per second and 1080p (a big demand for games these days), so with fluid framerate and high resolution, most gamers
    will overlook the "dated" graphics, which actually look great and stylish and look better in motion. :)

    This really is the best timing to bring Onechanbara to the west since PS4 is a fresh open market with no major action games
    released for it. There are few co-op games out there and overall it's very unique and rare flavor in the west.

    Plus this includes Aya and Saki, so people that are bothered by DLC will be excited to know the legendary heroines are included
    alongside the amazing newcomers from the previous story, Kagura and Saaya. And people don't really need to play the previous
    game to understand this new game. And overall the gameplay comes first, so people in the west can enjoy and understand this. :)

    While we are barely scratching the surface on Onechanbara Z2 Chaos features and content,
    this is one action game that should not be overlooked.
    If D3 Publisher USA doesn't localize this, XSEED can easily cash in on the glory and fresh PS4 market that is desperate for games like this.
    XSEED could contact D3 Publisher and confirm if they are gonna take action or not (they sure missed out
    on localizing Z Kagura and it's special edition, but it's understandable since these kind games don't sell on Xbox consoles, and
    the PS3 version was held back by the difficulty developing for PS3, which is why co-op was cut out in that version. however Playstation
    consoles, especially PS4 is the best market for this game, and this is the return of an original and new Onechanbara on Playstation, not a port,
    so it really is great timing and perfect market for it, especially for the new gen of gaming. )

    but if they choose to not support localization for this, XSEED could deal with D3 Publisher of Japan to bring this to the west with the enthusiasm, confidence and optimism that a publisher should have. At the very least, if D3 Publisher doesn't want help to localize, XSEED could at least encourage
    them that localizing Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is a great idea.

    [font=Helvetica Neue'][​IMG][/font]

    And being marketed professionally with emphasis on the gameplay, gameplay content, combos, character movelists, co-op,
    youtube control tutorials and gameplay features (instead of stereotypical sexual marketing, that promo angle only is effective in Japan.)
    it can really be a successful international franchise that is acknowledged as being more than a pretty face.
    Even the critics that only played BSS / BZS will be very surprised by its improvements and breakthroughs.

    As more is learned, the proof will be in the pudding that this can easily earn good sales and a growing fanbase in the west.
    If even a tiny game like Lollipop Chainsaw can reach $1,000,000 sales internationally,
    Onechanbara, that provides even more in all categories, can be more successful through its gameplay, co-op and replay value.
  2. Terro

    Terro Well-Known Member

    It wasn't really the game itself but the name and studio behind Lollipop that did sales, I'm sure. The original Onechanbara for 360 and Wii (especially Wii) didn't really sell too well, though. So despite what's in the game, sometimes the person who makes it (just like a director to a movie) will help make the sales itself. Lollipop also had a lot more western appeal and look to it. This definitely looks a lot more Asian in design, which can make for a harder, more niche sell.
  3. akito666

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    Guild of Lurking Knights
    I want this game on PS4 too!
  4. WitchHunting

    WitchHunting New Member

    I also support this! Please, this would give me a reason to buy a PS4!
  5. DemonAngel

    DemonAngel New Member

    WA, United States
    I can see this game seeing a release to the Western seas if the first one is brought overseas through the Playstation Store and sells well enough. One Piece: Pirate Warriors did it, why not Onechanbara Z: Kagura with Nonono?
    Here's a petition to bring the PS3 title to the West:
  6. LuVonFunbuns

    LuVonFunbuns New Member

    I'd buy this game in a heart beat, the ps4 needs more wacky games. I know the first 2 that came over didn't sell very well, but they were pretty late into the consoles life spans(I think) I believe they still have a market though.

    Aren't the games story stand alone for each release or am I mistaken?

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