No more rune factory?

Discussion in 'Rune Factory Series' started by adrienne2242, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. adrienne2242

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    I recently heard that Neverland (properly old news), the developer of rune factory and lufia just announced bankruptcy. What the hell is going on? Before the game was release to the west, news reported that the rune factory 4 was a huge success in Japan, it sold so well that they announce that they will make a 5th. Now I recently checked and the company is gone can someone fill me in on what the hell just happened?
  2. Robinstar

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    Marvelous hired people from Neverland, so as far as I'm aware, another Rune Factory is still possible. I'd still like it if someone here from XSEED can confirm for sure that Marvelous definitely has the rights to the Rune Factory name. I think they do, but other people think it's impossible for some reason. There's been arguments. I've seen XSEED saying that even they want Marvelous to make another RF themselves though. And Lest and Frey outfits were put in SoS: 3oT. And didn't they release some sort of RF3 & 4 platinum edition or something like that? So it's probably fine. Marvelous clearly has Rune Factory on their minds still.
  3. Yuri

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    It's a shame. Rune Factory 4 was the fast selling Rune Factory over here in the west too!

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