No more rune factory?

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    Meet me for a drink
    Regrettably, a number of them are full of hippies, pokie machines or maturing Mafia dons and their assassins. Bar Etiquette is the latest bar on Sydney Road and its own easy tagline, "Good beverages, be fine", if dispel the tree huggers, or even the Family. It is not comfy at a slick "Let us relive modernism via art deco" way. It is comfy at a cozy manner. The living area has profound velvet sofas and hot red background. The rear room is a covered seat of revelry. Upstairs are three themed rooms, that make you feel as though you're in your wealthy, schizophrenic aunty's home.

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    You will find quality microbrews bursting out of the fridges, as well as also the blackboard behind the bar maintains, possibly spuriously, "free dance and drawing courses" and also a "martini in the FUTURE". Does it seem too good to be true? Well, it is difficult not to oversell a spot that undersells itself politely. 408 Sydney Road, Brunswick, 93873843 CHURCH STREET ENOTECA Fine dining table of this conventional European kind is the standard here, however if you are a Richmond local starved of fine places to take your seeing family or friends, Church Street Enoteca (under) could be convenient.

    There's a big dining area lined with cherry leather, San Pellegrino-style prints and ample glassware should you want to sample a costly dessert (state cassata or quince and ginger pudding), or there's a small bar area for people desiring a formal Church Street encounter. Amid a battalion of inside design homes, Enoteca might readily be confused for its own retailing brethren, therefore keep a cautious watch out as you move. A island of dessert wines and cheeses at a real jungle, Church Street Enoteca will delight grandmother and girlfriend equally. 527 Church Street, Richmond,9428 7898 BULL & BEAR It ai not a homosexual bar and it lacks any type of gimmick besides nouveau English-tavern walnut panelling and furniture.

    The title is a stock exchange reference, located because it isn't far from this phallic shrine to yellowish boys. There is Boag's Draught on tap, which can be well poured by occasionally mistaken bar staff. There is also a pool table in the cellar, which also houses a huge day dining hall teeming with vinyl table cloths. If your active financial district existence leaves you short on time for a traditional pub lunch, then you are able to fax or email beforehand in order for your chicken parma is prepared once you arrive. Kyneton isn't. Kyneton is a chilly spot, Arctic in reality. Backpacking Norwegians see there if they feel nostalgic.

    Douglas Mawson was quoted as stating "Hooley doo, this area is cold," etc.. However, Kyneton is a beautiful city, which is just an hour away by rail (not inclusive of those 2 hours it will take to get out of the home to Southern Cross Station). The Shamrock Hotel is contrary in warmth to the environs outdoors and this is exactly what makes it fabulous. Hell they can forfeit a rare strain of dolphin indoors and you would not care since it is warm, reassuring and, honestly, that gives two hoots about the plight of the dolphin? Dolphins are a danger to our way of life - it is rumoured they intend to invade South Ossetia in sea tanks. 120 Mollison Street, Kyneton, 54221570 THE JOHN CURTIN HOTEL Opposite that the Trades Hall and in believing space of RMIT's left-leaning student people, the John Curtin Hotel is a meat and sausage proposal that rewards the worth of a buck hard earned.

    There are no tricks to the joint's obscenely priced counter foods - $8 to get a hefty schnitzel, steak or a measly $5 to get a salad - without a cutting corners in demonstration or flavor. The pub knows its principal service for a beer dispensary and there isn't a lot to remark about the overall atmosphere beyond noting the existence of an Olympics-tuned plasmascreen, a movie jukebox, plus a enormous adjoining dining hall. With the capacity of 250, enormous PA, increased stage and dance floor with numerous disco balls, it is a smashing weekend party place in waiting.

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    29 Lygon Street, town, 96636350 HANDSOME STEVE'S HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT Hidden away from the Abbotsford Convent, the hunt for Handsome Steve's House of Refreshment will lead you all around the grounds a couple of times down innumerable corridors and also to many dead ends. But persevere and you'll be treated to some charmingly off-kilter day, complete with kitsch decoration, in maybe the tiniest area in Melbourne. A mixture of timber panelling, Geelong memorabilia and Laminex decorate the area, along with the tables and seats are squashed from tight. What it allows to get a friendly, intimate feeling where talks you talk about with your buddies will often spill out to the remainder of the pub, leading to offers of special regional views on your own worries. Steve himself is really a handsome guy and retains the menu easy: coffee and beer. Very neat, really. This was an equation which should have jumpstarted a triangle revolution precisely the way the pyramids had a 2000 decades before.

    However, regrettably, besides some spooky rumblings over Bermuda, triangles have not increased so much as a tapered edge as. This was before the good individuals down in the Pinnacle took the fantastic unwieldy wedge of the previous North Fitzroy post office and left the place of this triangle into an extremely inhabitable pub. Comfortable and unpretentious with the required bric-a-brac and sultry Monroe glamour shots, the Pinnacle is something of a neighborhood institution, famous for its leafy beer garden and economical Monday night parmas which are the size of a tiny Caribbean island.

    Additionally, it includes Sunday day swing jazz and an entire hypotenuse of weekly guest DJs. Therefore, as they state, "place = - base x height" Or, "It is what is inside that counts". 251 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North, 9489 3044 THE EXFORD on any particular weekend, even after waking a screaming headache and shaking like a leaf with minimal if any memory of the night before, an individual has to accept that the only thing going to aid things would be to get back into a bar and pick up where you left off. It not only requires a specific type of spirit to indulge in certain irresponsible all-day drinking, but in addition, it requires a specific sort of institution to nurture you back to wellness.

    The Exford is just one such location and it's not difficult to see why: it stays constantly dark and cool inside, soothing your mind. It is in the center of Chinatown, meaning rapid cheap dumplings are not far away; there's an "Extreme Deer Hunter" machine, ideal for a few inebriated competition (and yelling) between buddies; and a movie jukebox that gets the most disgusting and beautiful selection of gold pop combined with the kind of rock music which blares from the daddy's car speakers.

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    Without a crap, the Exford stays a continuous shoulder to lean on in times of demand. 199 Russell Street, town, 96632697 CLUBS WINTER TONES - TONIGHT AT ROXANNE PARLOUR Mistletone Records put its flag by releasing just a tiny recording by Ariel Pink; to get a time, House Arrest was that one record people put away whole nights. Along with the powerhouse set in the Melbourne-based record label currently has a catalog worth throwing a party for. Tonight, Mistletone Records will encourage friends, customers and clients to Roxanne Parlour (previously). However, there isn't any hierarchy here Mistletone has them as headlining acts.
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    Marvelous hired people from Neverland, so as far as I'm aware, another Rune Factory is still possible. I'd still like it if someone here from XSEED can confirm for sure that Marvelous definitely has the rights to the Rune Factory name. I think they do, but other people think it's impossible for some reason. There's been arguments. I've seen XSEED saying that even they want Marvelous to make another RF themselves though. And Lest and Frey outfits were put in SoS: 3oT. And didn't they release some sort of RF3 & 4 platinum edition or something like that? So it's probably fine. Marvelous clearly has Rune Factory on their minds still.
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    It's a shame. Rune Factory 4 was the fast selling Rune Factory over here in the west too!

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