Localization = Culturalization?

Discussion in 'I <3 XSEED' started by JackDandy, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. JackDandy

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    I just saw this thing:



    When I read this thing, the flood of acceptance of cutting \ altering material in localizations suddenly started to make alarming sense to me.
    Naturally, I'm not okay with it at all.
    I don't think "Culturalization" is something studios should strive for, and I'm grateful for Xseed being as close as possible to the source material.

    What I wanted to know is, how much can the IGDA effect localization studios when it comes to this sort of thing? Can any of the Xseed peeps let us know?
  2. Wyrdwad

    Wyrdwad Administrator Staff Member

    I can't speak for other localization studios, but for us, the IGDA really doesn't have any effect at all. Their guidelines are their own, and they certainly can't force them on anyone else -- if they could, I think they'd have far fewer members. ;)

    As for how influential they are on the industry as a whole, I can't really say. I don't think they exert as much influence as they'd probably like to, but it would be naive to assume that they exert none at all. Most likely, there are game studios that comply with their guidelines simply because they feel it's the IGDA, and the IGDA probably knows what's best. But I'd like to believe that most studios, like us, would prefer simply to take those guidelines as mere suggestion, and make our own set of internal rules to work by instead.

  3. FirionHope

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    Ugh I looked at the first screenshot and a few paragraphs of the second before I was too sick to go on. I really hope no one actually does this. Considering how games will usually only get one english release they'd screw up anything they got forever. "Censor and change things from another culture so people don't get offended" and these are the same people who preach diversity. The sad thing is I've heard this sentiment expressed all too often. Needless to say I won't only boycot a company who does something like this but do anything in my power to discourage other people from supporting them.

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